Steam Generator Models

MHI Inc. offers a versatile and patented portfolio of high-temperature steam generators.  The available models include pure 100% quality steam to steam-gas mixture generators that start up within seconds.  All models are powered with MHI electronics that are University, Industry and Research Laboratory tested for over two decades.  The use of MHI steam can enable significant energy efficiencies for down stream applications for chemical processing, steam-heat, bio-waste, food industry, and a host of other applications.

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OAB Single Phase (Models for 4 kg/hr, 12 kg/hr High-temperature Superheated Steam)

OAB® Three Phase ( 36 kg/hr or more High-temperature Superheated Steam)

HGA-S (1 kg/hr High-temperature Superheated Steam)

HGA-M (High Humidity Steam Generator)

HGA-S-CX1300 (1300C Superheated Steam)

MightySteam (Superheated Steam Jet 400°C)

Steam Plasma

Steam for Packaging and Textiles

Steam Chambers up to 1300C for oxidation studies and food contact studies in a pure steam environment

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