Steam Generator Models

  • MHI Inc. offers a versatile and patented portfolio of high-temperature steam generators.  The available models include pure 100% quality steam generators to steam-gas mixture generators that start up within seconds.  New models for steam plasma and steam chambers.
  • All models are powered with premium MHI electronics that are University, Industry and Research Laboratory tested for over two decades.
  • The use of MHI steam can enable significant energy efficiencies for down stream applications in chemical processing, steam-heat, bio-waste, food industry, and a host of other applications.
  • Please click on a category picture to explore the steam models, prices and delivery options when listed in the comprehensive MHI web-store.

OAB Single Phase (Models for 4 kg/hr, 12 kg/hr High-temperature Superheated Steam)

OAB® Three Phase (36 kg/hr or more High-temperature Superheated Steam)

HGA-S (1 kg/hr High-temperature Superheated Steam)

HGA-M (High Humidity Steam Generator)

HGA-S-CX1300 (1300°C Superheated Steam)

MightySteam (Superheated Steam Jet 400°C)

Steam Plasma

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Steam for Packaging and Textiles. Click.

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Recent steam usages include:  From tanning gelatin, controlled drying of textiles, curing concrete, retaining flower and fruit freshness, honey sterilization, cable heat treating, soy production, wine bottle cleaning, hot rolling mills, rubber rolling, setting of rubbers, brewing, drying in high humidity, antimicrobial steam wash for automobiles and other vehicles like planes, drying fruit like mangoes, tea processing, food safety, tremella drying, tenderizing duck and meat, oyster opening, stone fish production, milk processing, preventing automobile paint from harsh chemical washes, fungus drying, swimming pools, medical production uses, oat meal processing, alpha-alpha processing, bread, nut drying and disinfecting, water pipe cleaning, Yuba production, laundry, skin care, shrink packaging, stomatology use, greenhouse steam, granulation mushroom insulation, dishwashing, clean methanol smells, retain seafood freshness, steam clean critical holes, clean wax and oils, food processing, oil stained laundry cleaning,  carton forming processing, in a coal fired boiler remove smells, fermentation- just high temperature could be enough, pyrolysis-gasification of municipal waste, removal of allergens and odors and a host of new faster chemical reactions.

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