The Most Modern Steam Generator and Boiler Technologies.  The Units Offer Independent Control of Temperature, Pressure and Steam Output.

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Typical model numbers shown below. If a pressure rating is not required please inquire about MHGA models.

MHI provides UL/ CE rated controllers.

Pressure vessel third party rating is offered (e.g. Section V111. Div. 1). Electric Panel Ratings UL, cUL and CE.

The minimum temperature is 200°C.  Pressure and flow rate are independent settings.  ASME PV ratings are provided when requested.  The control panel can be CE or UL or with cUL ratings. Flow rate can be varied from about 30% to full amount of the  specific model.

Should your back pressure be less than 4 Bar and you require variable flow, please consider the models OAB-100-Var and OAB-50-Var.

Modern HMI panels for touch screen interface for operator ease.

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On Demand Steam: GHGA™ and MHGA™, choice of models.

GHGAwhen the back pressure expected is more than 2Barg.  MHGAwhen it is less.  Please specify in the RFQ.

From 3Kg/hr to 200 Kg/hr Scalable Super-heated Steam Platform.

Control the flow and temperature independently with flow and power controllers.  Independent pressure control.

Visit this page particularly if:

  • You are looking for high efficiency on-demand high temperature steam generators
  • You are looking for independent control over temperature, flow rate and pressure
  • You are considering changing from a large combustion boiler to a clean steam generator including discrete generators for every station
  • If you are planning new fuel and CO2 conversion or related technologies
  • if you have to optimize steam chemical reactions for syngas.
  • When dedicated to sustainability and efficiency with steam generators.
  • If you prefer to decouple pressure and temperature in your steam output.
  • When very high temperature say 400°C, 800°C,  1300°C steam is critical for use.
  • GHGA – Scalable Platform  Models/Features.  Set the flow, temperature and pressure independently. Set flow on a touch screen HMI.
  • More MHI Steam Generator Models, Plasma Steam Models and Steam Chambers.
  • The OAB® and GHGA™ steam generator systems will change the way you think of super-heated steam in regards to installation, safety, size, fuel-production,  and operational costs. 
  • Please contact MHI for details, information request or quotes.
  • Extremely easy operations for  settings.
  • On-off steam.
  • For fine tuning pilot process development for quick scale up to production.
    High Temperature Steam for Pharma Use

    High Temperature Steam for Pharma Use

    UL rated Panels

  • World Logo No-gas Use Clean Electric

Typical and frequently asked questions:

Q: I  need a variable steam rate generator at a maximum temperature of 400°C to 800°C.  Can I use your steam generator GHGA models ?  Ans:  Yes, the GHGA models are the correct choice for variable flow and variable temperature requests.    The price will also depend on the pressure vessel rating and range of variable (adjustable) steam flow. Typically we are asked for 3-6 Kg variable or 4-12 Kg variable steam at the high temperature with unit-adjustable back pressure.

Q: Can you provide a shell of 40 Bar. Ans: Yes we can provide ASME Section V111, Div 1 standards with external rating.

Q: Can I get a touch screen HMI control panel.  A: Yes of course, this is our standard on some models.

Q: I have a 49 KW boiler, can I use your steam generator instead?  Ans: Yes: The closest fit is the GHGA-36-(PV) or the OAb-50.  Unlike boilers the steam generator units can be on off at will.  No idling required.  The temperature out-put of the steam will be between 150C and 800C depending on the model, flow settings and power settings.   The GHGA-36-(PV) unit will produce 36 Kg/hr steam at the maximum temperature.  The OAB-50 unit will produce 50 Kg/hr steam at the maximum temperature The price will depend on the pressure required and other selected features.  The lowest priced systems are when the steam flow rate is fixed.

Q: Do steam generators work differently than boilers? Ans. Yes steam generators work in a different manner compared to pressure boilers (1) they are instant on-off, no idling required (2)  in a clever way the pressure will only build to the maximum line requirement in order to improve the efficiency (3) temperatures can be set for very high temperature with high quality dry steam, and (4) they can be easily matched to other line or cross line pressure flows.  Saves energy.  Adds to the world sustainability index. Allows for new reactions and higher productivity options to be explored.

Q: I have a 200 Bar steam line that feeds the entire industrial testing plant, can I use discrete 40 Bar steam GHGA units from you?  Ans:  Yes the savings are enormous and chances are that you will also be converting from a coal, oil or gas fired boiler to a clean electric unit.  On-off at will.  Use units at discrete locations.  No dangerously long piping at high pressure and no idling.

Q: Antimicrobial steam? Yes, please contact MHI for data on antimicrobial or sterilization quality steam. Visit the steam application page.

GHGA-12 Robust

GHGA Instant Versatile Steam Generators

Versatile instant steam generator with independent control of temperature, flow and pressure functions.

Q: Are your Panels UL, cUL or CE rated.

A:  Yes one can order with any of these ratings.






Q:  What are your typical pressure vessel standards.

A:  Please contact MHI.  Our typical standards are ASME Section VIII Div I.

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Video of Instant High Quality Steam

The steam generator foot print is likely to be considerably lower than a tradition boiler with the same output steam.

Pricing Advice:  The price increases with temperature requirement, capacity of the steam generator, pressure requirement and other special requests.  

Instant high quality high temperature and large amount steam output

Packing Standards follow International Norms

Considering bio-fuels or useful products like methanol from CO2 conversion? Please contact MHI Inc. with your reactor requirements.

GHGA-12-900 Controls

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Highly Scalable OAB® or GHGA units can produce from 4 kg/hr to over 1000 kg/hr. The modular design allows for easy upgrades and utilizing the unit where it is needed, all without routing steam or venting pipes. MHI is well known for high quality electronic power and  temperature control panels.

OAB® and GHGA Scalable Platform  Key Features.

  Please contact MHI for details or quote.

  1. On-Demand Steam
  2. Instant super heated steam generation (instant implies within a minute or much lower)
  3. 300°C-800°C(Discuss with MHI for up to 1300°C exit temperature)
  4. Scalable volume output starting at 4 or 6 kh/hr
  5. No Certification required for pressure rating or inspection
  6. Built for energy efficiency and high productivity
  7. Small foot print. Easy to relocate as required.
  8. Discrete BPE or Continuous Steam Side amount variation.
  9. New PV Models with above
  10. Steam Tunnel Applications
  11. General Steam Applications
  12. Synopsis and video
  13. Steam Calculator,Productivity Enhancement and FAQ’s
  14. Physical Properties of Moist Air/Gas
  15. What are Steam and Humidity?
  16. What is  mist and fog.
  17. High Efficiency Steam Recirculating Ovens
  18. Article on “Drying with steam or drying with air – a case study for clay, wood, food processing, etc”.
  19. Photosynthesis type reactions with MHI products.
  20. Please contact MHI for details or quote.
  21. Learn more about OAB® and it’s applications
  22. How do Temperature and Pressure Impact a Steam Reaction?
  23. OAB® Compared to Traditional Boilers

    How to convert kW to BTU/hr

    1 kW = 3412.142 BTU/hr

    One BoHP (Boiler Horse Power)= 33,500 BTU/hr = 9.803 kilowatts

    More Calculators for Engineering Units.  Please click here.

Very accurate high temperature steam is required for pharma. Please select the GHGA models.

MHI provides the most efficient steam delivery flexible tubes.

Steam Tubes

Steam Tubes

Pharma bottle rapid sterility level cleaning.

Process has to be correctly adjusted for time and temperature

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