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Standard Microheaters™ are shown below.  Custom – special orders are available for variations on many models.  All of MHI’s Microheaters™ utilize the patented NanoFractalAlumina™ and Fractalins™ materials, allowing for the higher tempeartures and the corresponding energy efficent smart-device performance criterion set by MHI.

Request Microheaterâ„¢ Quote or click on picture in the grid for more information. The objective of the use of free radiating devices is to maximize the RADIATIVE POWER transfer from the heating elements.  If the heating element is used with an insulation , the objective of the user changes to obtain a target temperature inside the insulated region and therefore the quality of insulation matters.  For either objective, one cannot exceed the rated temperature of the heating element.  Please note that the maximum temperature for any thermal device is reported at a specific region (location).

Please click on the Microheater™ line picture that is best for your application?  Thank you.  For questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us by email or by a call to 513-772-0404.

For obtaining the maximum rated temperature, the use of MHI controls is highly recommended.

Spiral Microheater (1400°C and 1900°C) View More Information
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Horizontal configuration

Vertical and Upside down configuration 

Special Microheaters For Additive Manufacturing



Key Selection Feature for 1900C

MC-1900-1 – 1900°C Available in 1″ and custom

GAXP® – 1400°C 1″, 2″, 3″, 3.5″ and custom

HeatPad™ Microheater (1250°C and 1600°C)
  MHI Heatpad(New Models Gen 2)
Unique high watt density, one-sided circular spot heater
1″, 2″, 3″, and 3.5″ models
Design with terminals as shown
Substrate Heater

Available Models/Sizes

Complete controls package available

Maximum Temperature: Key Selection Feature:
General Specifications: PH-G4 Models – Review specifc models

Thermoplate Models

HeatPads available in 1″,2″ and larger with controls

Thermoplates available 9″ Models or higher

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Microtube™ (1600°C – 1900°C) View More Information
Microtube heater microheater

Microtube Heater Picture

Flex Stand Multi Dimensional Use

Tilt Feature

Stand with Connectors

Mutli-Axis Use Stand

General Specifications: Maximum Temperature: Key Selection Feature:
MicroFiber or Microtube – 1900°C ID = 2 to 6mm
 MicroFiber™ (1900°C) View More Information
FiberHeater Microheater
Fiber-Heaters-Uniform Side Hot Zone
Technical Papers

One of the cleanest and most affordable high

temperature electrical solution for fiber heating.

Available Models/Sizes

General Specifications: Maximum Temperature: Key Selection Feature:
FibHeat200 – 1900°C Maximum Watts: ~200 W or 500W
Current: ~ 75A
 S12-Microheater (1600°C Models )
S12-200-1500 Microheater Class


S24-400 -1500

The S12-200-1500 model energized to high-temperature while resting on a ceramic plate.

Best Value. Easy to use.

Single 12V 200 Watts

Set of two 12V or 24V 400 Watts

DC Power Supply is Offered

Model: S12-200-1500(Centigrade)

Small Microheater 20mm long

1500-1600°C Element GAXP-IgMp

200 Watts,

Special controls

Total heater length 20 mm

Heater length 10mm

General Specifications Maximum Temperature: Key Selection Feature
1500-1600°C Element GAXP-IgMp 1500-1600°C Element GAXP-IgMp Contact 
Conical Microheaters (1000°C – 1900°C) Request More Information
 MHI Conical Microheater Multiple specific uses such as IR focusing

Built to Specifications Product. Please contact for specifications. (Specify diameter of both faces of cone and Lz)

New controls available

Maximum Temperature: Key Selection Feature:
General Specifications: EXP8 -1900 for use in the range of 1600°C- 1900°C (Cone 1″-1/2″)

EXP8 -1400G for use in the range of 1100°C- 1450°C (Cone 1″-1/2″)

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Micro Igniter (Ignitor) (1600°C Models )
~2 Amps

12 V and 24 V models

Call for controls

MHI Igniter

Heat Fluids and Foams
Hydrogen Products Heater
Use as Igniter (Ignitor)

Volume Sales

MicroIgniter GAXP (IgMp) – 12V, 2A

MicroIgniter GAXP (IgMp) – 24V, 2A


General Specifications: Maximum Temperature: Key Selection Feature