MicroIgniter™ and MicroDot™

  • Ultrahigh temperature 1000°C to 1400°C.  For a low volume, requirement please also visit the S12-200 product.
  • Super-fast heat-up and cool down in seconds is feasible.
  • Designed with Robustness.
  • Designed for Chemical Inertness.
  • Designed for Harsh Environments.
  • Protected by Multiple Patents.
  • Volume sales only for this product.  For smaller quantities please visit the Microheater page for alternative heater configurations.
  • Robust Ignitor

    Robust Ignitor 24 V

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igniter or spot heater

Spot Heater

12V, 24V, or custom specifications

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  • Power depends on the thermal environment and model number.  Standard models offer 25-100 Watts in free radiating mode.
  • Typical Dimensions:  Le=heated length; choice of 6mm, 12mm, 24mm and, combinations.
  • One side or two side connections (please specify Lu, the terminal length).
  • Standard distance between terminals in the two-sided configuration is 4mm.  This is called the “a” dimension.  Please specify if different than 4mm.
  • Compare such igniters with the large sizes that are sold for similar uses.
  • Protected by multiple patents. Special microdot heaters are made to order on a volume basis.
  • New Controls Available.
  • Use for Natural Gas or Diesel Plugs or other similar uses.  Volume sales only for the product.

Customization is possible for large volume orders; please call us at (513) 772-0404.

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Microheater Lines:

Linear Heater

Spot Heater