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Microheater Applications

MHI Microheaters: Small Solutions for Big Ideas


  • High Temperature (up to 1900°C)
  • Vacuum Compatibility
  • Fuel Cell Heat Source
  • Electronics and Substrate Heating
  • RF Applications
  • Microtubes
    • Powerful micro-furnace with optional tube extension
    • Allows for homogeneous sample heating
    • Custom tube diameters from 2mm to 6mm
  • Fiber optics
    • Ideal for long aspect ratio/very small diameter pieces
    • Fiber optic customers use to reduce diameter of fibers
  • Igniter
    • MicroPlate heater has very small tip (~5mm) and can reach 1900°C making them ideal for ignition points/pilot igniters
  • Micro Hot Plate
    • Spiral and Serpentine microheaters on ceramic backing are excellent to be used as mini hot-plate set-up (for larger hot-plates see MHI Thermoplate™)
  • Material Testing
  • Diamond Anvil Cells (DAC)
    • Achieve heater temperatures up to 1900°C for material testing and characterization
  • Gas/Vapor Heater
  • Thin Film Preparation

There are many potential applications for Microheaters.   The potential applications are only a guide for typical application possibilities.  MHI makes no claim or warranty regarding the applicability of any MHI product.  MHI products are generally rated by power and temperature-performance only, if stated or applicable.  The life of a product for all thermal devices is often dependent on use.  Individual applications are specefic to a user and no claim for any process applicability is made in any manner by MHI.  All application risks are the users risk.  This is particularly true when the purchase of any equipment is for research purposes.  All sales are final.  Please see MHI terms for further information.

Microheater Lines


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