MHI Airtorch® high temperature high flow systems.

MHI Airtorch® products offer multi-stage heating. This is particularly important for several unique gas heating solutions for climate change.

Heavy duty with very low pressure drops. Inlet temperature up to 500°C.   Outlet 1200°C and above.  High pressure enclosures.  Most energy efficient. Ratings ASME, ATEX, UL, CE as per request.

MHI Airtorch® 3 Phase System: KW to MW systems

  • High uniformity. Sealed.  Flanges and mating flanges provided as described.
  • Continuously adjustable air flow and temperature with flow valve and MHI power controller.Three Phase DPF or MVTA925
  • Adjustable air temperatures from ambient when ordered to 1100°C.  (Air flow temperature)
  • Several safety features.  Multiple thermocouple locations.
  • Double Walled or Insulated Internally air/gas cooled.  Reduces flange stresses. Externally air or water cooled.
  • PID controls, choice of TRIPAN or  I-TRIPAN controls
  • New* MVTA (THN) advanced systems from 24 KW, 36kW, 48 KW, 72kW, 96 KW or 2.2 MW, 4.4 MW.  Beat all prices.
  • (HI) models allow even a 700°C input
  • Extremely low pressure drop.
  • Multiple third party ratings, ASME, UL, cUL, CE, ATEX.Vertical configurations
    320 KW Duct Heater

    320 KW Duct Heater. Very low pressure drops.

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    GTA Hinged

  • Low-cost Duct Heaters (Ask for SH models).  We have the highest watt

    density per device.  100KW compact unit.  Recirculate with hot inputs.  

  • Pressure drop is low. For more information and specifications please Contact MHI,
  • MHI offers DirectFlow™ Airtorch® models. MHI uses its combined thermal knowledge across diverse equipment offerings to provide low friction flows.
  • Use for flow simulation, rapid drying ceramics and metal, high temperature flow induced chemical thermodynamics, test beds, efficient drying.
  • The Airtorch® is a SmartEnergy™ device.
  • Inlet temperatures can be high on specific models.  Choice of supply voltage. 50/60Hz.
  • MHI control panels handle all voltages 220V, 240V, 380V, 440V, 480V, 600V.
  • High Pressure in-line please click here.  For more information and specifications please contact us,
  • High Temperature Inlet Models.  Exit to 1200°C (2192°F)
  • Properly multi-flanged.
  • No-sound is emitted by Airtroch®process heating methods
  • GTA™ Models, 3 Bar, 8 Bar, 21 Bar, 60 Bar, 190 Bar, 300 Bar, 460 Bar….
  • Temperature Lower Power (1-12 kW) High Power (36 KW-4 MW)
    600-900°C LTA, VTAMTA925 MVTA-900-(DNA) Models, SH
    900-1000°C or 1000-1100°C MVTA-900-(DNA) Models MVTA-1000-(DNA) ModelsMVTA-DPF(DNA) Models, SH
    1200°C/1300°C   MPDNA VTA-MPDNA and GDPF-MPDNA 1200°C
    High Pressure Enclosures (GTA, GVTA) Up to 1200°C

Electric feed throughs  

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MHI Capabilities in Airtorch

Liquid HEater

Special Solutions



*Unit Life and Safety: MVTA units provide forgiveness for temperature exposures beyond their rated capacity even up to 100°C for many models. Even for the 1000°C models.   Calculate 3 phase electric power?

(up to 1100C)
Highest Powers Units
Maximum Temperature
(Highest Temeperatures)
Voltage3 Phase
All Line Voltages 50/60Hz
324 kW – 4000 kW

Robust Design

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Custom MVTA models up to 1300°C/1832°F

For higher temperature Models please click to DPF

For Inline Pressure Situations please specify the pressure



440/480/600 Volts


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Blower to MVTANo flame or sound

Many Unique Accessories from our Fabrication Facilities

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*For high kW in both the GTA and MVTA Airtorch class, please note that MHI provides a 1 year warranty and no-cost of heating element change for 1 year.  Double flanged units.

ASME-flange specifications.  Please contact MHI.

THN Models Have Cone Down Flanges Included.Airtorch® High Power, Three Phase Systems.

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Patented Products up to 1200C

MVTA model for 48 or 96 kW (1000°C).