Airtorch® Air and Gas Heater Models by Category

Several models are available in each class. Please click on the arrow below.

Suggested UsesProcess heater, gas heater, gas preheater, air preheater, supplemental heater, and many other process heating applications. See Applications

The kW required depends on the temperature of the exit gas from the Airtorches® and the flow volume needed. Please use this formula to calculate the approximate temperature vs. flow rate for a fixed power or an Airtorch® model number. MHI also provides flow rate vs. temperature. Request graphs here.

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Multi Door Control Panels and MW Airtorch with Vert

Typical Applications for Airtorch®:

  • Several applications are in high-pressure test stands for automotive and jet engines. Key Features: Long-lasting, high temperature, high energy conversion, high pressure, and compactness.
  • Electric hot air generators are often used to heat commercial and industrial environments. Several applications are in energy-efficient comfort heating. Key Features: Compact, long life, and rapid heating.
  • Several applications in chemical processes and drying. Key Features: Energy efficient, extremely compact, controlled high temperature, and rapid heating. MHI Airtorch® nano-structuring is used for various gas combinations like hydrogen, methane, or syn-gas. Combined catalysis action is enabled.
  • Use in Ammonia, Cement, Steel, and General Heating Industries

Each type of application has its unique control system designed for that market.

MHI Airtorch® systems offer patented low pressure drop technology called the Direct Flow method.   Industry leading quality, price and delivery.  Several models are displayed below. MHI provides units for 750°C,925°C1000°C,1100°C and 1200°C.  The typical Airtorch® use is illustrated in the Airtorch®  Infographic.

  • Why are the MHI Airtorch models efficient? Prices scale with power, temperature and pressure. Please discuss your best value with MHI, The following classes are available:
    • LTA – Up to 900°C. LTA is a process heater for air which requires a compressed air input.
    • VTA – Up to 900°C. VTA is process gas heater with fan or blower with low flow sensor capability.   New* VTA with fan models for 1100°C.
    • MTA925 and GTA – Up to 925°C and MVTA or GVTA up to 1100°C.  These are flow or inline sealed process gas heaters which can take compressed air or compressed gas input. New Models for MVTA-DPF-DNA Class.
    • DPF – Up to 1150°C-1250°C/~2200°F. DPF models can take fan or blower input as well as a compressed air/gas input.
    • Large Flow MVTA.  For 1000-1100°C. These are sealed process gas heaters with  blower or inline capability. High KW – High Flow.
    • Large Flow GTA – For high pressure vessel Airtorch® use. Custom engineering. Please contact us directly for assistance. Experience low pressure drop savings.

    Flow GTA – For high pressure vessel Airtorch use. Custom engineering. Please contact us directly for assistance.

New:  Inline-Airtorch™ models for process heat are now offered with input up to 20°C-800°C into the Airtorch™. The output is up to 1200°C (~2150°F).

Please contact MHI for Airtorch™ and Airtorch™-recuperation uses.  Smart Recuperaters,

Typical Applications from Simulation, Chemical Reactions, Heating Reactions, Drying and so many more.

Simple 5-step selection guide and flow as a function of temperature for various models.

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Airtorches™ and LTA’s may be purchased with several exit configurations which are generally shown on the specific web or catalog page. In addition further customization is also possible.

Introduction to Airtorches™ | Airtorch™ Applications | Calculating Power vs Flow Rate | Easy Design Criterion | Properties of Gases and Moist Air with Temperature

process heaters


LTA models are process air heaters designed for compressed air/gas input. LTA models offer temperatures up to 850°C. LTA models work with compressed air.


LTA750-02 (2 kw)
LTA750-04, (4kw)

LTA-10 (10kw)

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VTA models are process air heaters designed for use with fan/blower (max. back-pressure of 50 w.c./inches)

VTA models 600°C – 1200°C models.


VTA750-4GS, (4 kw)

VTA-2GC (2 kw)

VTA900-10BL (10 kw)

VTA-DPFVTA-DPF-6.5-1100  (DNA) (with Fan)

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MVTA925 MTA925-12 Airtorch

MVTA925-(1-12 KW)

GTA925- (1-12KW)

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GTA for very high pressure greater than 300 Bar

Please click here Higher Power 3 Phase, High Temperature Models   GTA Airtorch®

From 2 to 4 MW and higher.   Efficient Compact and Versatile.  Contact MHI.

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