Airtorch Tips

  • MHI Airtorch® models are 90-100% power efficient i.e. what you put in as electrical kW power is what you output almost in the gas/air power at the higher temperature.
  • For impingement type of applications the DPF’s offer very superior value.
  • A good rule of thumb for augmenting uniformity in an existing furnace with an Airtorch® add-on is to choose a Aitorch® power with at least 30% of the original furnace power. This may not be enough if a temperature increase is also sought.
  • When planning to extend the Airtorch® exit piping, please note that well insulated pipes will drop the temperature only very little as the exit velocity is m/s.  Please contact MHI when required. A helpful but very rough rule of thumb may be about 50°C-100°C/m drop for good internal pipe insulation. A good pipe insulation is specific to the insulation and whether the pipe is internally or externally insulated. The MHI industry standard is about a 1-2″ thick insulation.

binder burn off

  • Positioning of the Airtorch® can be at any place that gives best uniformity.  Although this changes with size and shape of the chamber it has been our experience that positioning with the Airtorch-to-furnace opening/inlet closer to the furnace roof provides the best uniformity.
  • If operating at the maximum rated temperature and if unsure about piping insulation please make adjustments to the calculated power required.  It is also important when operating close to the rated maximum temperature of an Airtorch® to employ all flow and temperature alarm systems that are offered e.g. the low -flow alarm, over-temperature alarm, and other such features.  The MHI control Panels are configured to be responsive to the alarm condition.   Please adjust power requirement to consider any losses in your delivery piping.  Availability of Flanged outlets or NPT Exit Nozzles is dependent on the specific model chosen. Almost all models accept user-provided blower or compressor driven air/gas input.   Not all models can use fans.  Fans are employed when the drop in pressure of the system is no greater than approximately 50 in. w.c. (50 in. w.c./inches of H20 is approximately 1.8 psi.) This condition remains true even when the fan can output large CFM values.  Blowers instead of fans are used where larger pressure drops are present.  For very large pressure drops in your piping the use of compressed air of gas may be necessary.  The Airtorch® models by themselves have very negligible pressure drop.
  • DPF’s, HI, THN, GTA, LTA’s MVTA’s andVTA’s should be used with a MHI power control system.  The Power Controller offers the possibility of reducing power and flow together when used with a proper control system for power management.  Note that each Airtorch® will loose some heat through the nozzle or body and the downstream piping if used.  Please consult MHI for the efficiency of your particular model.   Although MHI Airtorch® models are highly efficient in power conversion, it is prudent to plan for a slightly higher power than that determined by the equation or graph.  In addition, if excess heat is lost from the exit nozzle then plan for a higher power unit than what the equation above indicates.   Note: the loss in efficiency normally depends on the use and manifolding.  Please contact MHI for assistance.

The latest application of the Airtorch is in Fluidized Beds!  Please call MHI for details.

Airtorch® Applications

Aluminum Brazing Scorching/Burn off/Curing
The Airtorch® has opened up new possibilities in brazing and joining technologies. Whereas in the past brazing furnaces were cumbersome and expensive, Airtorch® allows for inexpensive processes.
aluminum brazing
The Airtorch® can be used for curing, surface burning and sealing operations. The possibilities are endless as Air, Nitrogen, Helium and Argon can be used.
scorching/burn off/curing
Large Die Heating Direct Ceramic Drying
The Airtorch® allows large die heat-up; reclaim dies and aluminum.

large die heating

Free and bonded water can be easily removed. The Airtorch® can achieve very high temperatures without contamination, therefore direct drying is a natural application. MHI also manufactures several Airtorch® Continuous ovens.
direct ceramic drying
Binder Burn Off Heating for Tensile Testing
Easy, uniform, safe, and collectable binder burn off. For ceramics, nitrides, powder metals, etc. Substantially improve quality and productivity.
binder burn off
When high temperatures are needed in spaces where resistance heating elements cannot be used, the Airtorch® provides the solution.

heating for tensile testing

Packaging or Sealing Die Heating
Designed for long life and high temperatures, the non-contaminating Airtorch® is an ideal solution for inline packaging or sealing processes.
packaging or sealing
Use the Airtorch® as a preheating device for dies in the metal forging and rolling industries.
die heating
Soldering, Melting and Dental
Use the Airtorch® for softening, soldering, and melting of precious metals and glass. This feature is very applicable to the dental, jewelry, and glass industries. Use for rapid glazing, burnout and quick melts.
Nozzle Heating Gas Preheating
The glass industry uses the high temperature Airtorch® to enable uniform flow and reflow of molten glass. The air temperature can be as high as 1200°C with a very low flow rate.
nozzle heating
Airtorch® can be used to rapidly heat various atmospheres: Air, Nitrogen, Argon, Helium, etc. Call MHI for more information.

gas preheating

Microprocessor Heating Light Fiber Processing
Unique heating from 500°C to 1000°C. The Airtorch® produces laser-like heat to small areas down to 5mm in diameter with stable and accurate control.

microprocessor heating

Uniformly free carbon from woven fibers with true convection. The Airtorch® creates hot turbulent air that passes through the substrate for uniform and accurate heating. As carbon is released, the natural flow of clean hot air flushes the airborne carbon away from the part and up the chimney.
Effective Heat Treating Preheating for Welding
Uniform rapid heating. The Airtorch® offers uniform high temperature and heat transfer to rapidly heat parts. Very effective for metals when increasing hardness.
effective heat treating
With high accuracy and temperatures, the Airtorch® reduces the guess work out of preheating for welding applications. Offers accurate temperature read-out.

preheating for welding

Spot Decarborinzing (reducing hardness) Ultimate Utility
Over carbonizing causes hardness above most machining capabilities. The Airtorch® offers locatable, accurate rapid heat-up and cool down to efficiency diffuse carbon allowing tempering of the metal.
spot decarborinzing

Develop your own application. The Airtorch® is capable of many applications where accuracy, uniformity, power and high temperatures are required. Also benefit from whisper-like operations, energy efficiency, and ease of use.
ultimate utility