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The graphs below can be used for all MHI Airtorch Models.

The standard conditions flow rate (SCFM) vs. Temperature is shown below (per kW).   When the exit temperature required is greater than 925°C please choose the THN or DPF models (the graphs may be used for all MHI airtorch models except for the very low KW such a LTA750-01 or 2 KW models).  In the graphs below please use the light blue lines for continuous mode with typically encountered start-stop conditions.  Why do hundreds of customers prefer MHI for their best energy efficiency air heating needs?  Now offering new and improved with incredible warranty on heating elements. Please Contact MHI.

When comparing and Airtorch against heat exchangers, please note that the MHI Airtorches often save considerable energy because of their low pressure drop. This power loss could be substantial with heat exchangers.  For example if a flow of 0.6 kg/s is driven with a 5 Bar (~90 psig) pressure, then almost ~200 kW of  power could be wasted for just driving the flow when compared to the Airtorch systems that offer an extremely low pressure drop (~ 1 psig).  Please contact MHI for details.

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Whar are  the best practices for energy demand reduction and best uniformity with the Airtorch.

Tips:  The graphs of temperature vs. SCFM/kW above are for air. The position along the SCFM/kW changes with the gas.  For nitrogen it is almost the same.  Because of the range of inlet temperatures and power a range of steady state temperatures become feasible with every Airtoch as ong as used within the device limitaions.  Please consult MHI on the correct system for your application.  MHI Airtorch models also work with a low pressure drop.  MHI Airtorch models are designed with high efficiencies in mind.  Please consult with MHI on the best solution for your industrial process gas or inline heating.  If the flow of 1~1.2 kg/s is driven with 10 Bar pressure as opposed to low pressure (Airtorch type) then almost ~1 MW of  power may be wasted for just driving the flow! So please compare this power also when comparing manufacturers.

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New and improved with incredible warranty on heating elements

10kW Airtorch™ DPF

10.5 kW DPF


VTA900-10BL in use

Airtorch Infographic

Please review formula to use for power calculations.

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