MTA, VTA, and LTA Airtorch® Models

Flameless hot air.

This page has information on small power (1-15 KW), MTA or LTA (models without fans), or VTA (models with integrated fans).

Click here for Large Flow 3 Phase Heavy Duty Airtorch® Models.

More about Decarbonization.

VTA Airtorch®

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VTA models are process-air heaters designed for use with a fan/blower (provided)

Electric weed killer industrial/commercial use.  See Video.

VTA models 600°C – 1100°C models.

Fan Controls are provided for all VTA models.

VTA750-4GS,  VTA750-2GC,  VTA900-10BL

VTA-DPFVTA-DPF-6.5-1100  (DNA) (with Fan)

Electrical comfort heating solutions designed to reduce CO2 emissions

(30KW, 60KW, 100KW, 200KW, 1000 KW, 5MW)

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1 KW to 10 KW Single Phase

110V-208V-230V-240V  plug-in.

Use for Air Heating with compressed gas input


LTA 12V for very small flows






Sealed Models

The MTA925 delivers heated air/gas up to 950°C. Unlike the LTA, the MTA is a fully sealed unit.

Click on the picture above for smaller 2 KW models, 4 KW Models, and 12 KW Models.

MTA (950C). Sealed one-atmosphere use. Click on the picture below for high-pressure or high-flow rate models.

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MVTA Airtorch®

MVTA models are process-gas heaters designed for reactive and combustible gas input. MVTA models offer temperatures up to 1000°C. LTA models work with compressed air. Exit and inlet diameters and threading is described below, along with each model number.

For extremely low flows, ~0.5 SCFM up to 1200°C. They are typically used for Fuel Cell Laboratory Demonstrations.

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Fuel Cells

For high-flow rate models, click on the picture below

If the flow rate is 2-40 SCFM and the temperature required is below 925°C, please choose from the MTA, VTA, or LTA models or the MVTA925 flanged units. If the flow requirement is higher than 40scfm or a pressure requirement, or if a very low-pressure drop is required, please choose from MVTA or GVTA models. Please contact MHI for assistance with model selection.  

Airtorch® units have several safety features like the over-temperature and low flow cut-off features (model dependent). Please click on the individual model for more information, including price and delivery. If the required exit temperatures are above 925°C, please send a request to MHI with details of the request, and we will offer the most suitable model for you. Please always feel free to contact us.

Why use Electrical Controls?  For any Airtorch® with fixed power, there is a flow rate that will give you the maximum temperature or a higher flow rate that will give you a lower temperature.  For example, the LTA-10  will provide a 900°C exit temperature with ~20 SCFM.  The unit plugs into any voltage between 208 and 240 V single phase.

The XPAN or BPAN-O-PLUS (Electrical Control Panel) can do the following.  (1) Set the maximum temperature (or allow programmed temperature) not to be exceeded at any flow rate that is in the flow-temperature envelope, (2) Use the OTC function to not exceed a temperature at any location that you choose, and (3) provide a soft start with the phase-angle-controlled SCR so that the unit operates smoothly, thereby enhancing life.

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Comfort Airtorch 100KW

Comfort Airtorch 100 KW

Flow Temperature Curves / Airtorch Application Information Page

  • Use for heat tracing. Canopy-type operations,
  • Use for low-cost preheating
  • Airtorch® Operation:  The flow rate and temperature are related. The air/gas heater should not be used beyond its rated temperature or power. The thermocouple is integral to the heater. The principle of an air/gas heater is for flowing gas to heat within the residence time of the heater/configuration.
  • Flow Rate is Important: If using a blower or fan, the airflow will be controlled by the fan’s or blower’s characteristics. Fans are employed when the drop in pressure of the system is no greater than approximately 50 in. w.c. (50 in. w.c./inches of H20 is approximately 1.8psi.) This condition remains true even when the fans output large CFM. Blowers are considered in circumstances where more significant pressure drops are present.
  • When the inlet flow is pressure-driven for LTA and MTA, the flow rate is often set by an appropriate SCFM flow meter. The minimum flow rate rated for the should be maintained when powered. MHI power controllers may be used to set the power and temperature.

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Please click on the tabs below for more information

VTA750-4GS,  VTA750-2GC,  VTA900-10BL

VTA-DPFVTA-DPF-6.5-1100  (DNA) (with Fan)

VTA models include an integrated Type “K” thermocouple. The VTA models are highly energy-efficient, allowing for less energy use and cost savings. VTA models are fully compatible with MHI electronic control panels, allowing for accurate control of flow rates and temperatures for your process. Suggested uses for these models include integration into existing heating systems for cable conveyors, drying, process heating, coatings, production line heat treating, and several other specific process applications.

Most units are compatible with an optional control panel. Contact us or call us at 513-772-0404. VTA-BL models have integrated air/gas controls. VTA models offer low flow cut-off with an extendable user interface. Fan control is available with the FANCS, which also includes a temperature controller.

Schematic of Blower, Air Flow Valves, and Low Flow Safety Features are provided by MHI are shown in the adjacent picture.

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10kW power Airtorch VTA900-10BL – Use up to 900°C
Designed for Energy Efficient Fan/Blower Inlet

Flanged to pipe models including GTA

Typical MHI Blower and Low Flow Cut off Safety System

MHI Airtorch® Systems are offered with variable input attachments that suit customer requirements.

The blower, valve, and low flow attachments are offered  for the VTA900-10BL

Model Power Voltage Max Temp Max CFM @ Max Temp Diameter> Height Air Supply Inlet Integrated with Fan or Inlet Accepts Blower Exit
All dimensions and accessory models are typical only. AIR CONNECTION
VTA750-4GS 4kW 208/220/230/240 Call Call 4.0″
(100 mm)
(698.5 mm)
Fan model: MK4XL Fan/Blower 2″ NPT
VTA900-10BL 10kW 208/220/230/240 900°C Call 7.0″
(177.8 mm)
(698.5 mm)
Call Blower/Please confirm with MHI the inlet and outlet dimensions of your specific unit call
3-Phase Custom (high kW) 240/440/480 Variable: 700 -1100°C Call/Contact Call/Contact Depends on Model Typical 10-20 inches diameter and about 50″ Length.
** : FANCS: Fan speed controller and temperature indicator