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Airtorch™ GVTA - High Temperature/High Pressure

Years of MHI manufacturing technology in high temperature and pressure

Airtorch™ System Introduction

GTA units with MHI controls offer rapid power reduction or enhancement as required, temperature forgiveness and over-temperature thermocouples along with process thermocouples

GVTA and GTA MODELS  (High Pressure)
* Air, inert, and non-combustible gas ready *

Shown below is the typical configuration for a 60kW- 400kW GVTA

Note that the basic configuration follows the MVTA style or VTA style depending on temperature and pressure

Airtorch Saddles


Process GAs Heater


GTA or GVTA with Blinded Flange Shown Above

GTA /  GVTA are ideal for demanding high-pressure applications such as:

  • high pressure engine sensors and exhaust
  • jet engine test stands
  • reactors (industrial preheating)
  • combustion systems
  • simulation testers
  • MVTA and GTA are often used for combustion (simulation)
  • more applications.....smartpower device

Low maintenance devices.  These units are easy to service.  MHI provides very important warranties which cover all parts even heaters.  Attractive service contracts are offered where required.

Low Power HighPressure Enclossure High P and High T Airorch Request Quote for DPF Airtorch™


Electric feed throughs MHI Capabilities in Airtorch

Feed-troughs are sealed and marked for phase

 GVTA with (HI) opens so many testing possibilities

GVTA with 3" Flange. Several protection levels

Typical Sensors Located Inside of GVTA


(Typical only: please Contact MHI for details as this is a customized product).  

Please specify pressure.

Model Number


Maximum Temperature

GTA925-02-3 Bar

2 kW


GTA925-06-18 Bar
6 kW

GTA 900-12

12 kW


GVTA 900-24

24 kW


GVTA 900-36

36 kW


GVTA 900-48

48 kW



48 kW


GVTA 900-60

60 kW


GVTA 900-120

120 kW


GTA or GVTA 900-(THN)



GVTA 900-144

144 kW



GVTA models are rated for high pressure.

All GVTA models discussed on this page are examples only.  Exact specifications are quoted as per customer requirements.  Temperatures are rated at standard t/c locations.  However, typically users have indicated very little temperature drop within extended piping.   GVTA models accept high pressure inlets.  

Pressure drop:  Very Low.  MHI offers DirectFlow™ Airtorch models.  MHI uses its combined thermal knowledge across diverse equipmet offerings to optimize and provide low friction flows.

Custom units upto 250kW have been designed.  Choice of Temperatures.  Choice of inlet three-phase voltages 208, 220, 240, 380, 440, 480 or 600V.  Please discuss with MHI.


  * Normal Flanged (GVTA) for 4-8" diameter pipe(GVTA) or blind (subject to actual quoted specifications)
** Normal Flanged for 3-8" diameter pipe or blind (subject to actual quoted specifications)

In-line VTA high pressure models have in-line flanges as per code


RPAN3 (3 units shown)

Request Quote for DPF Airtorch™

Not recommended for combustible mixtures.

Fans are employed when the drop in pressure of the system is no greater than approximately 50 in. w.c. (50 in. w.c./inches of H20 is approximately 1.8psi.) This condition remains true even when the fan can output large CFM flows.  Blowers are considered in circumstances where larger pressure drops are present.

If inlet pressure is one atmosphere choose from VTA or MVTA

Selection Guide Airtorch™ (DPF, LTA, VTA, GTA, MVTA925, MVTA)


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