MHI Electric Airtorch® high-temperature high flow systems.

MHI Electric Airtorch® products offer multi-stage heating. This is particularly important for several unique gas heating solutions for climate change.

  • Heavy duty with very low-pressure drop.
  • Outlet 1200°C and above.
  • High-pressure enclosures.
  • The most energy-efficient.
  • Ratings ASME, ATEX, UL, CE as per request.

MHI Airtorch® 3 Phase System: 1KW to 15MW systems.  Adjust Power, Flow, Temperature with Modern Electronics.

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  • Low-Pressure Drop
  • High Turn Down Ratio
  • High uniformity. Sealed.  Flanges and mating flanges are provided as described.
  • Continuously adjustable airflow and temperature with a flow valve and MHI power controller.Three Phase DPF or MVTA925
  • Adjustable air temperatures from ambient when ordered to 1100°C.  (Airflow temperature)
  • Several safety features.  Multiple thermocouple locations.
  • Double Walled or Insulated Internally air/gas-cooled.  Reduces flange stresses. Externally air or water-cooled.
  • PID controls, choice of TRIPAN or  I-TRIPAN controls
  • New* MVTA (THN) advanced systems from 24 KW, 36kW, 48 KW, 72kW, 96 KW or 2.2 MW, 2.7 MW, 3.9 MW, 4.4 MW, 5.2MW, 5.4MW, 6.2MW 7.4 MW and several in-between and larger.  Beat all prices.
  • (HI and SH) models allow even a 700°C input
  • Extremely low-pressure drop.
  • Multiple third-party ratings, ASME, UL, cUL, CE, ATEX.
Vertical configurations

GTA Hinged

Low-cost Duct Heaters (Ask for SH models).  We have the highest watt density per device.  7 MW compact unit.  Recirculate with hot inputs.  

  • Pressure drop is low. For more information and specifications please Contact MHI,
  • MHI offers DirectFlow™ Airtorch® models. MHI uses its combined thermal knowledge across diverse equipment offerings to provide low friction flows.
  • Use for flow simulation, rapid drying ceramics, and metal, high-temperature flow-induced chemical thermodynamics, testbeds, and efficient drying.
  • The Airtorch® is a SmartEnergy™ device.
  • Inlet temperatures can be high on specific models.  Choice of the supply voltage. 50/60Hz.
  • MHI control panels handle all voltages 220V, 240V, 380V, 440V, 480V, and 600V.
  • High Pressure in-line please click here.  For more information and specifications please contact us,
  • High-Temperature Inlet Models.  Exit to 1200°C (2192°F)
  • Properly multi-flanged.
  • No sound is emitted by Airtroch® process heating methods
  • GTA™ Models, 3 Bar, 8 Bar, 21 Bar, 60 Bar, 190 Bar, 300 Bar, 460 Bar…
  • SH

    SH 1000C

Why choose the MHI Electric Airtorch®?

Low operational cost because of very low-pressure drop (~0.1 PSIG, and much lower for Duct Heaters), noise-free,  quick-start, high temperature capable – which also implies longer life at lower temperatures when compared to process gas heaters that cannot reach high temperatures.   Several models in stock – all quality engineered and carefully manufactured.  Decades of electrical heating experience.

The high-power three-phase Airtorch® configuration yields a large amount of high-temperature convective air and may be used for a variety of applications.  Use for surface heat treating, simulation, combustion tests, reaction engineering for carbon and carbon oxides with calcium iron and other materials and simulations, environment uses, preheat, drying, powder sintering, testbeds, channel heaters, and large and continuous ovens.  MHI Airtorch® systems are extremely energy efficient. Stainless steel or other flanged sealed systems provide both energy efficiency and conservation.

New and improved with an incredible warranty on heating elements. 
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 – Typical Applications

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MHI offers some of the highest power density in-line heaters, based on MHI Patents.  MHI improves its already top of the line, Airtorch® models with continuous improvements.  MHI  is committed to sustainability.


MW Panels

Temperature Lower Power (1-12 kW) High Power (36 KW-15MW)
600-900°C LTA, VTAMTA925 MVTA-900-(DNA) Models, SH
900-1000°C or 1000-1100°C MVTA-900-(DNA) Models MVTA-1000-(DNA) ModelsMVTA-DPF(DNA) Models, SH
1200°C/1300°C   MPDNA VTA-MPDNA and GDPF-MPDNA 1200°C
High Pressure Enclosures (GTA, GVTA) Up to 1200°C

Electric feed throughs

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Duct Heaters MHI Capabilities in Airtorch



Large Flow GTA

Vertical configurations

*Unit Life and Safety: MVTA units provide forgiveness for temperature exposures beyond their rated capacity even up to 100°C for many models. Even for the 1000°C models.   Calculate 3 phase electric power?

(up to 1100C)
Highest Powers Units
Maximum Temperature
(Highest Temeperatures)
Voltage3 Phase
All Line Voltages 50/60Hz
324 kW – 4000 kW

Robust Design

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Custom MVTA models up to 1300°C/1832°F

For higher temperature Models please click to DPF

For Inline Pressure Situations please specify the pressure



440/480/600 Volts


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Blower to MVTANo flame or sound

Many Unique Accessories from our Fabrication Facilities

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