DPF, MPDNA and GPDF Airtorch Process Heaters and Air Preheaters

GDPF Airtorch® Process Heaters & Air Preheaters-Pressure Vessel

Temperature Lower Power (1-12 kW) High Power (36-600 kW)
600-900°C LTA, VTAMTA925 MVTA-900-(DNA) Models


MVTA-900-(DNA) Models MVTA-1000-(DNA) Models


1200°C/1300°C   MPDNA 



High Pressure Enclosures (GTA, GVTA) Up to 1200°C

Airtorch™ System

6.5 kW DPF Airtorch® and 13 kW DPF [Single Phase] for Hydrogen or other reactive gases.

8-48 kW-1MW  DPF Airtorch® for Hydrogen or other reactive gases.

18, 36 kW  and larger for three phase electric.

VTA-MPDNA ~1150°C-1200°C/~2150°F

GDPF-MPDNA 6.5 KW~1200°C

GDPF-MPDNA 6.5 KW~1200°C

Standard, 2Bar construction

Special nitride refractories and

insulation in MPDNA models


DPF220- MDNA -6.5 KW

DPF220- MVTA -6.5 KW

Easy DPF Selection Criteria. One graph captures SCFM per kW for all DPF models.

6.5kW DPF Airtorch™

Fan model (V-DPF) is shown.

Available with Blower and Compressed Air Input.  LFC (Low Flow Safety Cut-off)  is included.

6.5 kW DPF Airtorch™ Picture shows DPF220MP-6 with fan or low flow safety control attachments.  Needs MHI control panel for low flow control activation.

All DPF models feature high efficiencies, easy integration into existing systems and low emissions. Use  MHI Airtorch™ to improve your process.  Save money.

Easy Selection Criteria. One graph captures SCFM per kW.

DPF Airtorch™ Benefits

Highly Efficient: Saves energy and time while improving your process heating.
Cost Effective: Airtorches™ have a quick cost recovery time because of their high efficiency.
Dynamic: Operating Temperatures ranging from Ambient to 1150°C-1200°C/~2150°F.  See approximate design calculation page.
Versatile: Accepts air or inert gas as input.
Precise: When combined with MHI controls, Airtorches™ offer extraordinary control over processes.
Modular: Universal mounting allows for easy integration into existing processes.
Quiet: Airtorches™ operate in near silence, helping reduce background noise and improve user ergonomics.
Durable: Long life heating elements ensure that your device will have a high operating lifespan.

Model No. Power Controller Voltage Integral Blower/Fan Transformer
DPF220MP-6.5BL with Blower 6.5 kW BPAN-O -PLUS  Recommended with LFA (Blower system) 230/240 volts No Yes
VDPF220MP-6.5F with Fan 6.5 kW BPAN-O -PLUS + FANCS  plus low Flow (LFA)Recommended 230/240 volts Yes Yes
GDPF 220MP(DNA)-6.5  (inline) 6.5 lkW BPAN-O -PLUS or HIPAN (depends on configuration) 230/240 volts Yes
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For more information, including flow rate tables or detailed specifications, Contact Us Now.

DPF Airtorch™ Suggested Applications.

Airtorch Use Sectors

Industrial Equipment, Lab and Analytical Equipment, Medical Equipment, Combustion simulation Military and Defense, Pharmaceutical, Rubber and Plastics, Transportation, Water & Waste Water, Commercial, Melting, Adhesive Activation, de-soldering, Heat staking,Food Service, Process Heat, Accelerating Chemical Reactions, Laboratory, Transportation, Defense & Aerospace, Energy, Medical,Preheating process gases, High speed heat shrink installations, Pharmaceuticals, Curing adhesives, Hot Air Processor, Powder drying and high temperature high velocity reginme, Automotive, Packaging & Sterilization, Paper/Printing, BioFuels, Soldering/Brazing, Textiles, Semiconductor, Energy Processes, Nuclear, Diesel, Process heater, gas heater, gas-pre heater, air-pre heater, supplemental heater and many other process heating applications. Flow simulation whether combustion or high temperature viscous.  Test beds, Life Sciences, Photovoltaic, Semiconductor processing, Curing & Drying, Electronics, Heat Shrinking, Thermoforming/Sealing […]

DPF Airtorch™ Suggested Applications
Sintering, Oxidation. Sensors testing. Debonding  for Paint
Drying Fusing when within temperature range
Hot Gas/Steam Heating for example for glass
Heat Treating by itself or as furnace enhancer Joining
Gas Preheating for Heavy Engineering, simulation Air Preheating for multiple energy efficiency solutions
Process Heating, Stands, Air Combustion Simulation Brazing, Rapid Heating

Airtorch™ System Introduction and Flow Charts.  Use for continuous VOC removal or use for rapid heat treatment and/or surface treatments like finishing to hardfacing. The operating cost estimate per pound of VOC removed is about ~0.5¢*, for normal ppm contamination concentration removal. Compare with over $4/lb. Please contact MHI to verify calculations.

Electronic Controls

MHI’s DPF Airtorches™ are compatible with our electronic control panels and DACS software. Standard features include overtemperature controls and programmable steps. In addition to standard electronic controls, MHI DACS allows for remote furnace monitoring, data logging and intricate step programming.

MHI Airtorch™ Controls
Many of MHI’s electronic furnace controllers feature multiple voltage inputs, overtemperature controls, programmable cycles and a number of other features. For more information about MHI’s control panels, Contact Us or See More Information.

XPAN (Several Configurations)

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MHI Data Acquisition and Control Software (MHI DACS)
MHI devices are compatible with MHI DACS for furnace controls, step programming, data logging and more. DACS also allows for remote furnace control, allowing one central location to control multiple devices.

Now offering DACS – Ver. 8.1  on select Panels –  standard.

XPAN control panel 3 phase 380V 400V 440V 480V 600V

MHI DACS Software
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Airtorch(TM) Applications

Airtorch™ Heater Accessories
NPT Nozzle with fitting for pipe extension
FS750-A – Adjustable flow rate detection valve and switch
New FS750 – Flow rate detection valve and switch
FLM750 – Flowmeter 2-23 SCFM (click for larger images)
FTB750-6 – 6′ Air/gas supply tubing
MTAR – Moisture trap ensures dry air to AirtorchTM
FANCS – Fan control (typical) for DPF or AirtorchTM
FAN – Fan (typical) for DPF or AirtorchTM