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LT Airtorch™ (LTA)
Max. use 925°C and below
Airtorch™ (AT)
750°C - 1300°C
Ultra and Plasma Airtorch™
1000°C - 1500°C


SLTA (800°C)

Die Heating

Model - 0.5kW

Model - 6.5kW

Model - 15kW


Model - 1kW

Model - 10.5kW

3 Phase 20,30,60kW

Model - 3kW

Convective Heat Treating

Typical Applications

Model 3kW

Model 6.5kW

Ultra Airtorch™

Recirculating Airtorch

Engineering Conversion Charts

Technology and Applications

Flowmeter 2-23 SCFM
Part # FLM750

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