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Airtorch™ Applications

Airtorch™ System Introduction

Easy Design and Selection


Choose KW, MW and even MW/m2 flux


If the flow is higher than 40 scfm, please choose from MVTA models

If the temperature required is above 1100°C please choose DPF models

If the flow rate required is is of the order of 2-40 scfm please choose from MTA, VTA or LTA models or MVTA925 for flanged units


Die Heating PowerPoint

Request Quote for DPF Airtorch™

Examine automotive sensor development and testing applications

Simulation of Thermal Impact

Materials Processing and Testing

Energy Storage

Reaction Engineering

Contact MHI for Combustion Simulation at Low and High pressure, Oxidation Studies, Additive Manufacturing and Test-bed or Test-stand use

Process Gas Heating
Combustion and Scorching/Burn off/Curing

                     MVTA Airtorch 72 kWGTA

1- 15 Kw 36 KW, 72kW , 144kW,  402 Kw, 900KW, 3 MW (PV)


Other MHI products like OAB® and Cascade e-ion also may also be used for such applications

Use powerful Airtorch for continuous VOC removal or use for rapid heat treatment and/or surface treatments like finishing to hardfacing. Request Quote for DPF Airtorch™

The Airtorch™ can be used for curing, surface burning and sealing and simulation operations. The possibilities are endless as Air, Nitrogen, Helium and Argon can be used.
scorching/burn off/curing
                       Airtorch for Combustion Studies and Simulation   


During combustion the time for 98% combustion can change by several orders of magnitude for 100K rise in air temperature. Arrhenius equation and influence of Temperature.


Fuel Cells, High velocity drying and surface heating including simulation.  Contact MHI for Nozzles supplied.Request Quote for DPF Airtorch™

Large Die Heating/ Rapid Dry
Direct Ceramic Drying

The Airtorch™ allows large die heat-up; reclaim dies and aluminumCombustion/flow simulation, curing, dryin or bonding of paper boards.  Removal of inorganic and organic salts, fuel celss, general heat treatment fr bending and deflashing/deburring,, drum heating, plastic rolls, welding organics like plastic soldering disinfection, drying, rapid paper and pulp  dry. With a 4 kW machine  plan to dry 2-4 Kg/hr of desiccant. 

        large die heatingdirect ceramic drying
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Please contact MHI for ROI calculations for typical Die Heating

Free and bonded water can be easily removed. The Airtorch™ can achieve very high temperatures without contamination, therefore direct drying is a natural application. MHI also manufactures several Airtorch™ Continuous ovens. Small Airtorch Augmentation for Heat Treatment Furnaces- typical ROI.

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Binder Burn-Off.  Heating for Tensile and Fatigue Testing
Direct VOC removal possibilities

Easy, uniform, safe, and collectable binder burn off. For ceramics, nitrides, powder metals, etc. Substantially improve quality and productivity.
binder burn off



When high temperatures are needed in spaces where resistance heating elements cannot be used, the Airtorch™ provides the solution.  Temperature variations matter during adhesive resin curing. Temperature profiling is particularly is important with an 8 Data Log during start up and cool down. Airtorch is instantaneous and uniform. OAB steam is instantaneous. Hybrid.Request Quote for DPF Airtorch™

The operating cost estimate per pound of VOC removed is about ~0.5¢*, for normal ppm contamination concentration removal. Compare with over $4/lb. Please contact MHI to verify calculations


process heaters

* Estimate only- subject to change.  The estimate will vary by application,  VOC removal consideration price is considerered primarily from gas stream only.  All ROI's require a 30 day assesment as the assesment may not be current.Request Quote for DPF Airtorch™

Packaging or Sealing
Die Heating
Designed for long life and high temperatures, the non-contaminating Airtorch™ is an ideal solution for inline packaging or sealing processes.
packaging or sealing
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Use the Airtorch™ as a preheating device for dies in the metal forging and rolling industries.
die heating

Die Heating PowerPoint

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Soldering, Blanketing, Melting and Dental

Use the Airtorch™ for softening, soldering, and melting of precious metals and glass. This feature is very applicable to the dental, jewelry, and glass industries. Use for rapid glazing, burnout and quick melts.


Continuous Furnace and Roll Augmentation

Batch Furnace Augmentation


Special Convective Ovens are also available.
Ideal for moving parts(debind, degrease, remove paint, etc.)
Request Quote for DPF Airtorch™

Airtorch with Controls in a drum plant
Add Airtorch to Any Furnace and Improve Uniformity Grinding Drum Heated with Airtorch





VTA-4GS Price

Heating: Create a convective cavity around the assembly using two 4kW Airtorch™ units. Fixture Airtorches™ behind mold and electrodes at angles to create air movement. This should improve the overall heating of the mold.

Insulation: The assembly is surrounded by refractory blankets (all 5 sides) to retain as much heat inside as possible. Blankets can be supplied by MHI at customer's request.

Solution: By supplementing the existing electrodes with the Airtorch™ and blankets, the watt density is increased on the mold thus reducing the workload of the existing electrodes which should improve performance and life. Other results include an increase of uniformity across the mold surface. Call MHI for more information.


MVTA Airtorch 72 kW

10.5 kW DPF

Use powerful CleanElectricFlame™ for continuous VOC removal or use for rapid heat treatment and/or surface treatments like finishing to hardfacing. The operating cost estimate per pound of VOC removed is about ~0.5¢*, for normal ppm contamination concentration removal. Compare with over $4/lb. Please contact MHI to verify calculations.    


Request Quote for DPF Airtorch™

Return On Investments Calculations from MHI





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