Airtorch 2 KW Sealed

MHI’s Airtorch®  line of process heaters takes the uncertainties out of your heat processing needs. With unparalleled energy efficiency ratings, high reliability, and uniformity, you will enjoy less downtime and a lower total cost of ownership.  MHI Airtorch® units outperform in life, inlet temperature, and outlet temperature.  Contact MHI.

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MHI offers a comprehensive line of air and gas process heating tools with models available providing heat up to 1200°C. MHI Airtorch® models are also compatible with fans, blowers, and compressed air and gas systems. (With required attachments)

Not sure which Airtorch® is right for your application? Visit our Selection Guide or view the Airtorch™ Infographic.

Our Airtorch® line is easy to integrate into existing systems, including cable conveyors, bucket elevators, screw conveyors, and pneumatic systems. Airtorches® offers flexible layouts, gentle product handling, higher throughput, small footprints, and higher energy efficiencies in an enclosed, dust-resistant system. Suggested uses include simulations, shrink packaging containers, pallet sealing, heating conveyor ovens, heat tunnels, adhesive activation, drying bottles, glue drying, ink drying, sealing, bonding, laminating, curing, and a number of other applications. Airtorch® devices can easily be integrated into existing systems.