(OAB®) – Electric Superheated Steam Generator

A pictorial synopsis for MHI Steam Generators for High-temperature Superheated Steam

Simple to use steam production and controls

OAB Models are tabletop size and plug and play with minimal installation required. Easy connection to any channel/tube as no pressure fittings are required.

All electrical controls are provided.

Quad flow deflectors can create multiple streams

Choose from:

OAB-4 (4 Kg/hr Steam) (more info)

OAB-12 (12 Kg/hr Steam) (more info)

GHGA Models

OAB-50 (35-60Kg/hr Steam) (more info) 3 Phase

OAB-100 (70-120Kg/hr) (more info) 3 Phase

OAB-180 (135-220Kg/hr) (more info) 3 Phase

Pure Steam Generator

Micropyretics Heaters International. The OAB steam is 100% dry.

A typical OAB-12 (12kg/hr. steam) configuration is shown above

Please specify the temperature of output required by clicking on the picture link below.

Transforming Steam Technology For Significant Energy and Water Savings. Savings efficiencies reported are from On to Off condition. There is no requirement to heat any tubes or nozzles to produce steam.
Conventional boilers are never 100% dry. Saturated steam has to cool just a bit for condensation to set in – not so with high-temperature superheated steam.

A low steam dryness hinders heat transfer.

steam generator full system with supercharger and BPEEasy clamp connector for MHI steamMHI OAB SystemBend and pipe easy with OAB steam

MHI has extended its patent technology for the benefit of existing pressure boilers.

Supercharge existing boilers MHI SC-12

Please visit our OAB® section for more detailed information on the One Atmosphere Boiler


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