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MHI Microheaters
Volume 4 | July 9th, 2017

MHI Small Scale Microheaters

MHI Microheaters




MHI FibHeat200 Microheater

MHI GUHE-10-SS Microheater MHI GUHE-3-ss Microheater

MHI Fiber Heaters may be used in both horizontal and vertical orientations. The Fiber Heaters are particularly useful for optical fiber processing, especially fiber coupler fabrication or tapering. For more information please give us a call at 513-772-0404 or contact us online.

1900°C Models (MC-1900-1) 1400°C Models (GAXP®)

MHI MC-1900-1 Microheater

MHI GAXP Microheater

All of MHI's MicroheatersTM utilize patented NanoFractalAluminaTM and FractalinsTM materials, allowing for higher performance. To better understand which MicroheaterTM line is best for your application, feel free to give us a call at 513-772-0404 or contact us online

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MHI DPF Airtoch

  • MicrotubeTM Heater
  • Slot Heater
  • Power: 200W
  • Type: GAXP Heater
  • Maximum Rated Temperature: 1000C
  • Dimensions 1.13' x1.13' x 2.13"
  • Slot length: 12 mm
  • Stainless Steel Casing
  • T/C included

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Microtube THM-200

MHI DPF Airtoch


  • Integrated thermocouple
  • Max temperature* ~ 1700°C
  • Complete Range of Electronic Controls
  • Connector accessories

MicrotubeTM Heater - Part # THM-200 with 2mm ID quartz tube Picture shown is with MHI calibration thermocouple (optional)*

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Microheaters Applications

The objective of using free radiating devices is to maximize the radiative POWER transfer from the heating elements. If the heating element is covered with insulation, the objective of the user changes to obtain a certain temperature inside the insulated region. The control for temperature inside a chamber or power maximization in a free radiating mode can be made with MHI temperature and/or power controllers. For either objective, one cannot exceed the rated temperature of the heating element. More...

MHI HEatPad Gen2

MHI Spiral Microheaters

For obtaining maximum temperature MHI controls are highly recommended. Large diameter GAXP® microheaters could develop some springiness from induced magnetic forces. Potting in ceramic paste is allowed as long as care is taken to factor-in the loss of any thermocouple response in the measured temperature. Note element temperature will be higher and maximum element temperature should not be exceeded. In the free radiation mode the power can be maximized.

Versatile high temperature HeatPad is available in many sizes. Maximum plate surface depends on load. Non-reactive ceramic pocket type design allows for inserting, hanging, and positioning your HeatPad virtually anywhere. More...

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MHI Thermoplate
Thermoplates offer temperatures up to 1250°C with a surface area of 9"x9".
MHI Bottom Loader
Up to 1760°C (1800°C/3272°F Max)
MHI GAXP Furnaces
The H14-GAXP features maximum operating temperatures of 1400°C
MHI H18-40
H18-40HT + BPAN
MHI's single and multi-zone tube furnaces are available in temperatures up to 1760°C

MHI Small Scale Microheater Heaters

MHI Microheater Family

All of MHI's Microheaters utilize patented NanoFractalAlumina and Fractalins materials, allowing for higher performance. Standard Microheaters are shown.Custom or special orders are available for many models. To better understand which Microheater line is best for your application, Contact us or call 513-772-0404.

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Did you know one can make a cup of tea with a tiny solar heater that is rated for 20 Watts and uses power from a small battery? Learm More about Microheaters

Need Heating Elements?

MHI U SHAPE MHI 90 Element MHI 45 Element

U Shape

90° Bend

45° Bend

MHI is a manufacturer and direct supplier of patented (MoSi2) Molybdenum Disilicide electric heating elements.

  • No Pest Technology: helps resist oxidation (pesting), improving element life and performance.
  • High Emissivity: our elements emit more energy per surface area.
  • MP1850: long life, high temperature upgrade. Replace 1800°C elements with MHI MP1850.
  • High Surface Load: capable of handling a high electrical power per length.
  • High Creep Resistant: less element distortion in complex elements.
  • Technology Leader: the first to market with 1850°C MoSi2 elements and the only patent protected 1900°C MoSi2 elements in the world.
  • Flexible Manufacturing: the ability to fulfill high-volume and low-volume orders.
  • Please check our Online Store
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