Industrial Furnace Applications

Q: Why are your furnaces rated for higher temperatures than other manufacturers?

A: MHI has invested heavily to provide you the higest temperatures.  This feature improves speed (productivity), energy efficiency and cleanliness. It is part of our smart energy device manufacturing push to remain a part of your future.

MHI Industrial Furnaces

MHI's High Temperature industrial furnace line features a number of application specific furnaces. MHI furnaces have numerous safety and efficiency features. Three layers of refractory come standard on MHI muffle furnaces, along with a double walled stainless steel construction, allowing for a 50°C or lower external surface temperature. Many MHI box/muffle furnaces also feature an innovative 3-arm horizontally swiveling door that serves to improve ergonomics along with safety. Bottom loading furnaces feature heating elements on 4 sides, allowing for more uniform heating. MHI bottom loading furnaces also feature a small footprint, allowing for easier location in production settings.

Many MHI furnaces are compatible with MHI Data Acquisition Control Software, allowing for greater control in both industrial and laboratory settings.

Furnace Suggested Uses
Industrial Furnace
Heat Treating Aluminum
Melting Furnace
Sintering Furnace
Debinding Furnace
Metal Melting Furnace
Heat Treatment Furnace
Heat Treating Furnace
Melting Aluminum
Annealing Furnace
High Temperature Oven
Tempering Furnace
Glass Furnace
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What kind of uniformity do MHI furnaces offer?

What kind of energy efficiency do MHI furnaces offer?



M-Series Box Furnace

Bottom Loading Furnace

Tube Furnace

Rapid Heat-up Zapper™

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furnace controls
XPAN-2012 Controller

MHI DACS - Data Acquisition Software
MHI-DACS - Data Acquisition Control Software