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MHI Melting Furnaces

MHI manufactures a number of furnaces that are suitable for melting applications. Temperatures are available up to 1800°C. Contact MHI to discuss which furnace best suits your needs.

Type of Furnace Power Temperature Heating Rate
Box/Muffle Contact Us Up to 1800°C Contact Us
Bottom Loading Up to 1800°C
Tube Furnace Up to 1800°C
Robust Radiator™  
Zapper Furnace 6-15kW Up to 2500°C 200°C/s

MHI furnaces may be used to melt a wide variety of materials. Aluminum, copper, steel, glass and other various metals are capable of being treated or melted in MHI furnaces. Most MHI melting furnaces feature three layers of refractory and double walled stainless steel construction. Box furnaces feature a 3-arm horizontally swiveling door that improves safety and ease of use. Many of MHI's furnaces also feature relatively low size footprints in addition to being highly efficient.

Many MHI furnaces are compatible with MHI Data Acquisition Control Software, allowing for greater control in both industrial and laboratory settings.

Furnace Suggested Uses
Industrial Furnace
Heat Treating Aluminum
Melting Furnace
Sintering Furnace
Debinding Furnace
Metal Melting Furnace
Heat Treatment Furnace
Heat Treating Furnace
Melting Aluminum
Annealing Furnace
High Temperature Oven
Tempering Furnace
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What kind of uniformity do MHI furnaces offer?

What kind of energy efficiency do MHI furnaces offer?



M-Series Box Furnace

Bottom Loading Furnace

Tube Furnace

Rapid Heat-up Zapper™

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furnace controls
XPAN-2012 Controller

MHI DACS - Data Acquisition Software
MHI-DACS - Data Acquisition Control Software