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Power ranges from 1 kW to 600kW. Then contact MHI for a quote.  To view more information on your selected family or model please click here.


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Case Study of VTA750-4GS model use to augment an existing installation that required more uniformity.

Example of a VTA750-4GS Airtorch™ augmentation application. In this application, many complex shaped rods are to be heated uniformly.  The heat-treater reported that the rods were not uniformly heated in his existing radiant heat furnace.  MHI proposed a add-on to his existing furnace with an Airtorch™ system which then greatly impacted the uniformity and reduced the total energy consumed. More Green Installation and more Profits to the user. Improve oven performances and eliminate bad emissions.

See below for uniform surface heating retrofit and continuous oven example


Heating: Create a convective cavity around the assembly using two 4kW Airtorch™ units. Fixture Airtorches™ behind mold and electrodes at angles to create air movement. This should improve the overall heating of the mold.

Insulation: The assembly is surrounded by refractory blankets (all 5 sides) to retain as much heat inside as possible. Blankets can be supplied by MHI at customer's request.

Solution: By supplementing the existing electrodes with the Airtorch™ and blankets, the watt density is increased on the mold thus reducing the workload of the existing electrodes which should improve performance and life. Other results include an increase of uniformity across the mold surface. Call MHI for more information.

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