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MP1850: Request Straight Element Quote

GAXP: Request Straight Element Quote

straight heating elements
Our Molybdenum DiSilicide or Nanostructured GAXP Straight Heating Elements feature temperatures up to 1900°C.

MP 1850_  Request Bent Element Quote

GAXP: Request Bent Element Quote

Our Molybdenum DiSilicide Bent Heating Elements offer temperatures up to 1900°C.
Request Silicon Carbide Quote
silicon carbide element
Our Silicon Carbide Heating Elements feature patented NoAge™ technology.
Request Coil Elements Quote
MagnaCoil™ Coiled Heating Elements offer temperatures up to 1450 °C.
Request Furnace Quote
single zone tube furnace
Single Zone Tube Furnace
Our furnace lines include: box furnaces, tube furnaces, bottom loading furnaces, front loading furnaces and the patented e-Ion Zapper™ furnace.
Request Steam Quote
HGA2 Superheated Steam Generator
We offer steam at temperatures up to 1300°C and quantities up to 200Kg/hr.
Request Microheater Quote
We offer a large variety of small scale Microheaters™ suited for countless applications.
Request Airtorch™ Quote
MTA Air Heater
MTA925-12 12kW
Our Airtorch™ line of process air/gas heaters offer temperatures up to 2000°F with a variety of flow rates.
Request e-Ion Plasma™ Quote
Opposing Lip Gen3
e-Ion Plasma™ Plume
Request additional technical information or request a quote for several e-Ion™ machines for heat treating, RTP and surface enhancement of metal and plastic parts.
Request Robust Radiator™ Quote
robust radiator
Robust Radiators™ are versatile, high temperature heating components that are capable of reaching temperatures of up to 1700°C.
Request Thermoplate™ Quote
Request Thermoplate™ Quote
MHI Thermoplates™ feature a rugged stainless steel construction and configurable tops. Temperatures up to 1250°C.


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