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GAXP® U-Shaped Straight,
U-Shaped Bent or Dumbbell Heating Element

Request for Quotation for GAXP Nanostructured Heating Elements.  Quality, Technology, and Service that counts!

MHI Never-Down-Policy applies.  For volume users, a full 1 Year Warranty applies with applicable conditions.

GAXP® U-Shaped Straight, U-Shaped Bent or Dumbbell Heating Element

As you fill in dimensions the power (in Watts) per element will appear

(The assumed use of the element for the purposes of the power calculator is inside insulated furnace)

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Elements Information

Element Style:

Dimensions :
a: Default if not stated. 
inches mm
Quantity:   (minimum quantities apply)
Total Power from the Element Quantity Chosen:
Element Temperature

GAXP® (Max element temp. 2642°F / 1450°C.  Suggested Maximum Furnace Temp. 2552°F / 1400°C).  Surface load restrictions are minimal as long as element temperature is not exceeded.


Number of shanks:

(number of legs)

2 for U-shaped 1 for Dumbbell Shaped

Maximum Furnace Temperature: F   C
Furnace Application:


Guide to GAXP® Heater Shape Dimensions

The shapes shown from left to right are: U-Shaped Bent, Dumbbell, U-Shaped Straight Heating Elements

Request a quote for U-Shaped GAXP Heating Elements. Please Specify Bend Angle in the Comments Section Below

Bends of 90° or 45° or custom bend angle in heating section (Le), or in the cold section (Lu). Please specify any bends in the comments section below.

90° bend in heating section




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