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Vertical Split Tube Furnace

Split Tube Furnacesvertical split tube furnace

Vertical Split Tube Furnace


Vertical Split Tube Furnace Features.


Inner and Outer Stainless Steel Shells

MHI Vertical Split Tube Furnaces are the most versatile laboratory testing furnaces and offer the best value for mechanical testing at different temperatures with very slow to very rapid heat-up rates. Our Vertical Tube Furnaces now feature double-walled stainless steel shell construction. Choose either complete split furnace and controls or furnace modules. For a more information, Contact Us.

General Information
  • Enclose, hang or support parts in the furnace.
  • Highly versatile.
  • Stand available.
  • Double-walled stainless steel shell.
  • Ceramic tubes available as option.
  • Use for crystal growth.
  • Generally used for materials testing.
  • A must for every laboratory.
  • For extensometer slot.  Please contact for details.

With extensometer slot:
cascade e ionVertical split tube furnace

vertical split tube furnace
Vertical Split Tube Furnace
shown with optional stand (FST)
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Vertical Split Tube Furnace Models

All MHI tube furnaces feature rugged double-walled stainless steel construction, electronic controls capabilities and MHI's highly acclaimed heating elements. Our vertical tube furnaces feature continuous operating temperatures of up to 1760°C.

Vertical Split Tube Furnace Models
Model Number Temperature Heated Tube Dimensions
3H11-17VST 1100°C - 1700°C
(2012°F - 3092°F)
3"D x 8"L
3H14VST-GAXP 1400°C
(2552°F Max)
3"D x 8"L
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Vertical Tube Furnace Applications

Because of their versatility, MHI's furnaces feature a number of uses. Our vertical tube furnaces have found a number of applications due to their veratility. With very slow to very rapid heat up rates, VSTs can be configured for most applications. Because each application is unique, Contact Us to discuss which product best fits your needs.

Tube Furnace Common Uses
Nano-Crystal Production Reaction Furnace
Drying Gas Processing
Melting Sintering
Industrial Processes Tempering
Gas Preheating Annealing
Materials Testing Metallurgy
General Heat Treatment Custom Applications
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Furnace Controls

MHI offers two types of controls with our vertical split tube furnaces. Programmable electronic control panels come standard with most models. MHI DACS software offers furnace controls, step programming, logging and a number of other features, and is compatible with most MHI furnaces.

MHI Furnace Controls
Many of MHI's electronic furnace controllers feature multiple voltage inputs, overtemperature controls, programmable cycles and a number of other features. For more information about MHI's control panels, Contact Us or See More Information. Furnace Controller
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MHI Data Acquisition and Control Software (MHI DACS)
MHI Tube Furnaces are compatible with MHI DACS for furnace controls, step programming, data logging and more. DACS also allows for remote furnace control, allowing one central location to control multiple devices. MHI DACS
MHI DACS Software
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