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MicroFiber™ Heaters & Fiber Heaters 

MicroFiber™ Heater


GUHE Fiber Heater


THM Fiber Heater


IG Fiber Heater


MicroFiber™ Heater

UltraFiber Heater with optional metallic enclosure

High Wattage  Fiber Heaer

Fiber heater with metallic casing

Large 12mm Zone
Medium Watts

Medium 10mm Zone
High Watts

Large 12mm Zone
High Watts

Narrow 3mm

Maximum Element Temperature: 1900°C
Maximum Watts:  ~250 Watts
Good Heat Uniformity

Maximum Element Temperature: 1900°C
Maximum Watts:  300 Watts
Great Heating Uniformity

Maximum Element Temperature: 1900°C
Maximum Watts:  400 Watts
Great Heating Uniformity

Maximum Element Temperature: 1600°C
Great Heating Uniformity
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MHI's BPAN-O-2016 and Data Acquisition System closed loop control system, with over-temperature protection, is available for MicroFiber™ Heaters and Fiber Heaters.  Compare price with the on-line form below and you may be surprised. Please visit testimonials page for references.

MHI Fiber Heaters may be used in both horizontal and vertical orientations.  The Fiber Heaters are particularly useful for optical fiber processing, especially fiber coupler fabrication or coning.

Dimensions are available by calling 513-772-0404 or Contact Us. The heated fiber temperature will typically be lower than that of the heating element. Thermocouples sold separately  Please visit the MHI store for replacements. Please also see picture below. 

Speciality FibHeat200-XRD model Fiber Microheater with Fiber Heater Technical Form.  X-Ray and Neutron Beam Ports for high temperature testing shown below.

MHI provides a calibration curve custom to your application. Uniformity profiles are also available by contacting us. All MHI Fiber Heaters utilize MHI's patented 1900°C heating elements.

Control Panel Features (PDF)

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Thermocouple location.  Differs between models.  Typical MHI stand shown below

Specialty Fiber Types Heating Elements.  Model FIBTHM500-XRD Fiber Microheater with X-Ray and Neutron Beam Ports for High Temperature Testing.

MicroFiber™ Heater

High Wattage  Fiber Heaer

MHI Flexible Stand with Easy Connectors

MHI Mutipurpose Stand with Thermocouple

For additional information and/or a quote regarding Fiber Heaters, please complete the
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Customization possible for large volume orders; please call us at (513) 772-0404 to discuss.

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