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    MHI excels in manufacturing transformative, high-quality, rapid, fully scalable high-temperature energy solutions with full electronic controls.


    Powerful CleanElectricFlame®

    On Demand Steam

    Temperatures up to 1200°C Temperatures up to 1800°C Temperatures up to 1900°C Temperatures up to 1900°C
    HeatPad Microheater
    Cascade e-Ion

    One Atmosphere Boiler

    OAB Superheated Steam Generator

    MTA925-12 12kW Process Heater
    MTA925 (925°C

    Horizontal Tube Furnaces
    Horizontal Tube Furnace

    GUHE-3-SS FiberHeater Microheater
    GUHE-3-SS 1900°C FiberHeater
    MoSi2 Heating Elements
    Molybdenum DiSilicide and GAXP®
    Rapid Versatile Clean Heat High Enthalpy Steam Generator up to 1300°C Convective Energy Thermal Energy/Uniformity Radiative Energy Thermal Power Delivery

    Controls Panels

    HGA-S-CX1300-01 Superheated Steam System
    HGA-S-CX Models with Processing Chambers
    Airtorch Process Heater
    Airtorch™ Gas Heaters
    High temperature furnaces Spiral Microheaters
    Spiral Microheaters™
    NoAge Silicon Carbide Heating Elements
    NoAge™ Enhanced Silicon Carbide Heating Elements
    Standard DACS 2 with Graphical Display & USB port Plug and Play Operations Integrated Thermocouples Double-Walled Construction Efficient High Watt-Density Class Leading Longevity

    Gen 3 LIP System

    HGA-S Superheated Steam Generator
    HGA-S Models



    VTA900-10BL Airtorch™

    Bottom or Top Loading Furnaces
    Bottom/Top Loading Furnaces

    Thermoplate High Temperature Hot Plate
    Thermoplates™  HeatPad™ Microheater

    1450�C MagnaCoil™
    Rapid Heat-Up Rate of 200°C/s or more on most surfaces BoilerFree™ Technology High Power & Temperature FiberFree™ Refractories High Performance, Patented BendHeat™ Devices

    Highly Configurable

    for Zone Refining

    e-Ion Plasma™ Source
    Plasma Improves Surface Functionalization


    HGA-M Steam Generator
    HGA-M Models






    Vertical Split Tube Furnaces
    Vertical Split Tube Furnaces
    Microtube Heaters
    Microtube Heater
    Robust Radiator
    Robust Radiator™
    Heat where needed.  BendHeat™ High Throughput On Demand Hot Air or Gas Unparalleled Efficiencies Small Package, Big Heat Easy Integration

    Use MHI Clean Combustion to Eliminate Gasification (including mitigating smell/smoke from coal burning).  Please Contact for Details. 

    Use MHI Steam for Disinfection to Cutting to Kettle/Flavor Heating and Pharma Specific Applications.

    Terms and Financing Available.  Comprehensive Warranty.  MHI-Never-Down™ Repair Policy.

    Easy Design Criteria for Applications. Full Range of Power Control Panels

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    Make high quality tool bit coatings in seconds.




    MHI Labeling System

    For Machine Tool Reconditioning

    MHI (Micropyretics Heaters International)

    750 Redna Terrace

    Cincinnati, OH 45215, USA

    Telephone: 513-772-0404

    Fax: 513-672-3333

    Engineered Quality Since 1991

    Prices: Compare with GSA pricing where feasible

    This is the introductory page for additive technologies, shared profitable outcomes, value addition products and true transformational technologies from OAB to e-Ion Plasma™

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    750 Redna Terrace
    Cincinnati, OH 45215, USA
    Telephone: 513-772-0404 | Fax: 513-672-3333

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