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    MHI Cascade e-Ion Plasma Anti-Seize GoldenBlue Coatings

    MHI excels in manufacturing transformative high-temperature energy solutions with premium electronic controls.


    Powerful CleanElectricFlame®

    On Demand Steam

    Temperatures up to 1200°C Temperatures up to 1800°C Temperatures up to 1900°C Temperatures up to 1900°C
    Cascade e-Ion
    Cascade e-Ion

    One Atmosphere Boiler - Superheated Steam Generator

    OAB Superheated Steam Generator

    MTA925-12 12kW Process Heater
    MTA925 (925°C

    Horizontal Tube Furnaces
    Horizontal Tube Furnace

    GUHE-3-SS FiberHeater Microheater
    GUHE-3-SS 1900°C FiberHeater
    MoSi2 Heating Elements
    Molybdenum DiSilicide and GAXP®
    Rapid Versatile Clean Heat High Enthalpy Steam Generator up to 1300°C Convective Energy Thermal Energy/Uniformity Radiative Energy Thermal Power Delivery
    Cascade e-Ion
    Plasma Improves Surface Functionalization
    HGA-M Steam Generator
    HGA-M Models
    Airtorch Process Heater
    Airtorch™ Gas Heaters
    Robust Radiator
    Robust Radiator™

    Thermoplate High Temperature Hot Plate


    NoAge Silicon Carbide Heating Elements
    NoAge™ Enhanced Silicon Carbide Heating Elements
    Heat where needed. BendHeat™ High Throughput On Demand Integrated Thermocouples Easy Integration High Performance, BendHeat™ Devices Class Leading Longevity

    Plasma and Steam Solutions

    MHI Biomedical Coating Ti6AI4V MHI Glass bending solutions MHI CPG Shrink Label Solution
    MHI Tools Reconditioning MHI Dross Reduction Solutions MHI Non-Stick Surfaces Cast Iron MHI Antimicrobial solutions
    MHI Dross Reduction Solutions MHI Non-Stick Surfaces Cast Iron MHI Food and Brewery Kettle and Vat Heating Solutions Sports Surfaces
    MHI-INC Cincinnati Ohio


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    Cincinnati, OH 45215, USA
    Telephone: 513-772-0404
    Fax: 513-672-3333

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