Superheated Steam Devices
March 21st, 2017

MHI's steam devices provide high scalability, reliability, and versatility. Steam Generators can be used for chemical, mechanical or heating purposes.

Standard Features Include:

  • MHI BoilerFree Technology - No Pressure Vessel Certifications Required!
  • Nearly 99% Outlet to Output Efficiency Rating!
  • Zero Combustion Processes. Zero Device NOX Emissions, No Ventilation Needed!
  • InstaBoiler Technology - Instant On-Demand Steam Generation!
MHI OAB MHI OAB Connectors

MHI's One Atmosphere Boiler superheated steam boiler features patented InstaSteam technology, allowing for rapid startup times, unparalleled efficiencies and up to 1300°C temperatures. BoilerFree technology allows most OAB units to be installed without the need for traditional boiler certifications. The OAB® is ideal for use as an industrial steam generator, for dewrinkling operations, superheated steam drying and dozens of other specific applications requiring a high efficiency boiler that does not require boiler certifications.

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High temperature superheated steam-air or steam-gas output. For layering, epoxy drying and other film uses where superheated steam is required at one atmospheric pressure. Ideal for steam drying or steam oxidation studies.



High Quality Steam (quality of steam is a industry-used technical phrase that indicates water content in steam). True HGA steam is 100% quality. Integrated Thermocouple. Includes Flow Rate Control with Pump Offerings that Provide Different Levels of Flow-Sensitivity and Display.



MightySteam® is a portable steam generator ideal for many cleaning applications. The device offers standard high temperature cleaning steam, as well as high temperature non-condensing steam, often ideal for many levels of cleaning. All MightySteam® devices feature SaniZap® technology, allowing for fast, effective cleaning of surfaces. 

MHI MS 400
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MHI Thermoplate

Thermoplates offer temperatures up to 1250°C with a surface area of 9"x9".

MHI Bottom Loader

Up to 1760°C (1800°C/3272°F Max)

MHI GAXP Furnaces

The H14-GAXP features maximum operating temperatures of 1400°C

MHI H18-40

H18-40HT + BPAN
MHI's single and multi-zone tube furnaces are available in temperatures up to 1760°C



The OAB® steam system will change the way you think of superheated steam when it comes to installation, safety, size and energy cost.

Highly Scalable. OAB® units can produce steam from 1kg/hour to over 1000kg/hour. Modular design allows for easy upgrades and allows you to locate the unit where it is needed, without routing steam or venting pipes. MHI is well known for high quality electronic power and temperature control panels.

Key Features of the OAB® Scalable Platforms:

  • On-Demand Steam
  • Instant super heated steam generation
  • 400°C to 1300°C exit temperature
  • Scalable output volume starting at 4kh/hour
  • No Certification or inspection required for pressure rating

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Supercharge your existing Boiler. Call MHI for SC-12 and other models. Add to or Boilers, 1 BHP and above.



HGA-S models are our small scale superheated steam generator line. It features a small device footprint and standard output ratings of under 2Kg/hr of 400-550°C steam.

HGA-S-CX models also produce less than 2Kg/hr of 1300°C steam. Standard HGA-S-CX models are optimized for laboratory scale steam generation, as well as small scale industrial production applications.

HGA-S Models:

  • HGA-S - 1-2Kg/hr of steam at 400-550°C
  • HGA-S-CX - 1-2Kg/hr of steam at 1300°C


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