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Universal Protective Gas Panel

Gas Management Panel (GPAN) for Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Inert Gas.
MHI GPAN is an excellent addition to our continuous pusher furnaces and tube furnaces. Our protective gas panel provides precision control along with maximum operating reliability, economy and safety.
Standard Features:
Gas Management Panel
GPAN - Gas Management Panel
  • Even and Linear high/low control capability.
  • PID linked Safety for Nitrogen purge on fault.
  • Precise control of atmosphere.
  • Eliminates manual start-up conditioning and reduces consumption on idling state.
  • Fully automatic controller.
  • Optional microprocessor-based controls.
  • Automatic safety purge of nitrogen.
  • Flow control needle value and panel rotameter.

The GPAN can be customized with a lot of different options depending on your application. Please contact MHI for detailed technical specifications and a price quote.

For small flow rates and for managing hydrogen gas, please see SIMGAS module.


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