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MagnaCoil™ - High Temperature Coil Heating Element

Metal-like Mechanical Properties. Not Brittle.
Choose Di (diameter) from 0.5" to unlimited size.  Standard Sizes.


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Maximum Surface Temperature 1450°C  which cannot be exceeded.  A pyrometer in a free radiating condition or pyrometer and thermocouple in an enclosed condition is recommended for use if operating above 1200°C in order to prevent inadvertent burn out.  The use of MHI controls is highly recommended. Use beyond 1400°C surface temperature is life limiting.

Simple power and voltage calculator for the patented MagnaCoil™ is given below.  Note that free radiating and enclosed heating objectives have different power demands.

The power of a MagnaCoil™ depends on the Diameter Di and N the number of turns.  Note that N is not an integer for IMC or some MC models.

Maximum Power = (50-25) N P Di Watts (Di in inches). The range depends on the enclosure used.  Highest power for unenclosed (free radiating) as Power is the objective in a free radiating condition.  Providing an enclosure changes the objective to temperature instead of power.  As the temperature is achieved the power demand equals loss of power from the enclosure and P =3.1-3.2.  See also radiation page.


Maximum Voltage V= N P Di/(2-3) Volts, Di in inches. The range depends on the enclosure used. 

Maximum MagnaCoil Surface temperature is 1450°C.  Use beyond 1400°C is life limiting

Free radiatng power is the power dissipated by the coil wheen there is no surrounding refractory enclosure. 

The use of a insulating (refractory) shell around the coil

will change this number depending on the type of refratory used.

A surrounding encosure will reduce the power will not impact the voltage as much.

Vertical configuations and/or stress wmay reduce the use-temperature. 

CHS-OD or equivalent spacers recomended when creep deformation is possible.

Note that coil temperature and environment temperatures will be different.


A feedback controller is highly recomended for managing the coil temperature. For small coils

a BPAN controller is recommended.

Coil temperature best measured with a pyrometer with feedback control BPAN

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