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Braided wire - heating element accessories
Braided wire and HoldWell™

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MHI offers the highest quality heating element accessories available to keep your furnace operating at peak efficiency. MHI accessories are used for all MHI furnaces and many other modern high-temperature furnaces, from small laboratory to production size furnaces. We also offer our Quick Disconnect End Caps for tube furnaces.

3/6 Element Accessories

3/6 Elements  * Braided wire is measured from center to center
HW1-AX HoldWell™ Holder for 3/6
CHI 3/6 Metal Holder
CCI Manual Connecting Clips for 3/6
BW75-T1-4 Braided Wire 4″ L for 3/6 (a) with hole
BW75-T2-4 Braided Wire 4″ L for 3/6 (b) without hole
BW75-T1-8 Braided Wire 8″ L for 3/6 (a) with hole
BW75-T2-8 Braided Wire 8″ L for 3/6 (b) without hole
BW75-T1 or T2-C Braided Wire Custom Length – Type 1 or Type 2
BW75-T0-C Braided Clip-less Wire 8″ L for 3/6 with hole and bolts on both ends
(X) denotes length between terminals   (C) denotes custom length of wire Acc Packs Link3/6 Heating element accessories

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