A comparison of the difference between

mist-fog type of steam,

and high temperature steam-gas.


Synopsis Steam

Power Steam Jet. (With the proper high temperature of 450°C)

High Velocity Steam Nozzle   Difference between Mist Fog and Steam

Mist / fog are a mixture of steam-gas and water droplets.Misty or Foggy

Proper high temperature steam gas has no water droplets.Steam-gas


The pictures above are for the illustration of the color difference between mist and good steam. 

The nozzle-exit is at a high temperature in both pictures, however,

when the temperature is not high-enough (left), fog/mist can be seen down-stream (translucent).

When at a proper high temperature, only steam-gas (colorless) is experienced.

Mist does not posses antibacterial properties like high temperature steam can provide.

MHI Patented Superheated Steam Generators