A comparison between

Mist-fog type of steam,


High-temperature superheated steam gas.

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Steam and Humidity

Synopsis Steam

Power Steam Jet



The proper high-temperature steam jet with 450°C exits for several levels of cleaning

Mist / fog is a mixture of steam gas and water droplets

Misty or Foggy

Proper high-temperature steam gas has no water droplets

Steam without mist or fog

OAB Steam Generator


The pictures above are for the illustration of the visual difference between mist and good steam.

The nozzle exit is at a high temperature in both pictures, however,

when the temperature is not high enough (left), fog/mist can be seen downstream (translucent).

When at a proper high temperature, only steam-gas (colorless) are experienced.

Mist does not possess antibacterial properties like high-temperature steam can provide.

MHI Patented Superheated Steam Generators