High Temperature Anti-Seize Bearings, Bolts and Bushings

Anti Seize Treatment against Galling, Corrosion and Wear Temperature Range: Liquid Nitrogen to 3000F?

Build Corrosion protection layer on Ferritic, Titanium and Zirconium Alloys. Considerably reduce acqueous corrosion at a range of pH for NdFeB magnets, Samarium Cobalt and other rare earth magnets. When Cascade e-ion beam is passed over a rusted object as it then creates a hard protective layer.

Improve corrosion of mild steel, EN, DIN and SAE designations by the Cascade e-ion treatment.

Make lower coefficient of friction surfaces on on gears both large and small (such as in watches). Improve glass curvature and smoothness.

Metallic anti-seize GoldenBlue™ provides superior protection against galling, corrosion, heat freeze, rust and seizing on many types of metal surfaces. Use in oxidative conditions as well as reducing conditions. Smooth, hard and high lubricity.

The pulp and paper and food industry also use polymer coated rollers and often make them anti-stick with polymer or cermets. The GoldenBlue&trade treatment could be a new coating technique to provide permanent low friction and heat and wear resistance. Typical treatment time would add one US cent per part for rollers and trays. Regardless this aspect should be tested on a case by case basis – which MHI will do free of cost while the program is offered. Imagine if soft coatings are replaced by the hard smooth wear resistant GoldenBlue™ at your own site with the Cascade e-Ion machines.

Possible uses – inside your plant – for: Food, pharmaceutical and drink industries also use non stick in engineered parts and other surfaces like:
  1. Automotive valves – can withstand gas temperatures of up to 3000F
  2. Fastener galling – capable of frequent assembly and disassembly, allowing more use of the fastener before the threads are torn up, also helps to eliminate corroded or frozen fasteners.
  3. Pins for roller prosthetics & motorcycle and bicycle chains
  4. High speed skin temperature improvement
  5. Marine shafts – better corrosion resistance
  6. Pin and hanger expansion joints for bridges – better corrosion, galling-resistance. Improve carbon steel
  7. Valve stems, seats, and trim, fastening systems, screening, pins, bushings and roller bearings, pump shafts and rings.
  8. Other uses include wear plates, rails guides, and bridge pins.
  1. Mixers and stirrers
  2. Moulds and trays
  3. Hoppers and dispensers
  4. Extruders
  5. Rollers and presses
  6. Conveyors, chains and pulleys
  7. Heater plates
  8. Food packaging machinery
  9. Bottle handling machinery
  10. Sealing plates and knives
  11. Seal faces
  12. Food pump parts, splines and couplings
  13. Food labelling machines
  14. Food sorting machines

Wear resistance is generally improved with Galling resistance.

Comparison of deposition methods

In-situ Cascade e-Ion Nano-10 microns Oxynitrides
Ti (C,O,N)
Enhanced SiC and Ti(C,N,O)
Si3N4 and variations
Galling and Wear Extreme     Resistance
Non Stick
Corrosion Resistant
Bearings and Anti Seize
Anti friction
Cell Phones
Machine Tools
Cast Iron
Die Steel
Stainless Steel
De-e-Ion Deposition Nano-Microns- mm depends on objective. Cascade e-Ion assisted rapid deposition. Alumina
Diamond Coatings
Anti microbial
Dense and Hard Overlay
PVD 1 – 5 μm (40 – 200 μin) Ti (C,N) Wear resistance Machine tools
CVD 1 – 50 μm (40 – 200 μin) Sic Wear resistance Fiber coatings
Baked polymers 1 – 10 μm (40 – 400 μin) Polymers Corrosion resistance, aesthetics Automobile
Thermal spray 0.04 – 3 mm (0.0015 – 0.12 in) Ceramics and metallic alloys Wear resistance, corrosion resistance Bearings
Hard chromium plate 10 – 100 μm (40 – 200 μin) Chrome Wear resistance Rolls
Weld overlay 0.5 – 5 mm (0.02 – 0.2 in) Steel, stellite Wear resistance Valves
Galvanize 1 – 5 μm (40 – 200 μin) Zinc Corrosion resistance Steel sheet
Braze overlay 10 – 100 μm (400 – 4000 μin) Ni – Cr – B – Si alloys Very hard, dense surface Shafts