Choose from the complex and spiral heater models below, or please get in touch with us to customize models for your application (see also Microheaters). Upgrade any existing lower temperature heating element (electric heater) you currently use to the UPESP material heating elements (see shapes below or inquire about any other custom element that may better fit your need). For custom solutions, please contact MHI. If you are looking for Microheaters, click here. For small area heaters, please also see Microheaters.

Radiating Pancake Heaters

High-Temperature Flat Spiral Heating Elements

UPESP -1850°C,  GAXP– 1400°C

UPESP 1400- 1850°C

UPESP is a high-power molybdenum disilicide pancake radiator. The element is supported by a non-reactive ceramic base plate provided with the heating element. The UPESP produces operating temperatures up to 3362°F (1850°C)—high emissivity nanostructured.

UPESP (Base Plate Included – FiberFree™ non-toxic)

Complex heating element 
The benefits of using UPESP heating elements compared to other heating elements are efficiency and coverage. Customization options with radiative power are available for the heating elements.  
Example of a ceramic base plate.
The base plate will extend at least 0.5 ” more than the element. 
Model # (size of base plate)
Element Shape


GA-UPESP-12 (square)
GAUPESP-12  (circular)

Examples of Large MegaWatt and KiloWatt Heating Panels
Full line of control electronics available. Please call MHI at (513) 772-0404 or email us.
Electronic Control System Options from KW to MW for HEating Panels.

Detailed information

Electronic Control System

Electrical Control Panels

Thermoplates are available from MHI. Please call MHI at (513)772-0404 for additional information.