MHI’s OAB® is a 21st Century Steam Boiler.  More Information.

MHI’s OAB® steam generator- Boilers are ideal for applications requiring on-demand steam, a small device footprint, and unparalleled efficiencies. OAB® devices have several advantages over traditional high-pressure steam boilers, including:

  • No Feedwater Preheating – OAB® temperatures are available from 300°C to 1300°C without having to preheat feedwater as with traditional steam boilers.
  • Zero Combustion Process – OABs do not utilize combustion to generate high-temperature steam. Outlet to output efficiencies is well over 90%.
  • Choose your pressure rating – no boiler inspections or certifications are required to operate an OAB in one atmosphere. Review the boiler regulations for your state.
  • Incredibly Small Footprint – Actual OAB unit footprint is ~1ft^3. The unit is easily locatable near the steam demand source.
  • Plug and Play – No pipe routing, no difficult installation, and easy hot-swap in the event of device failure.
  • Nearly Instant Steam – No waiting for your steam boiler to build pressure to get to temperature.  OAB® devices produce superheated steam within minutes of a cold start.  No idling required.

OABs offer higher temperatures, greater efficiencies, and significant process advantages over most steam boilers on the market. For more information on how an OAB can improve your process, visit the links below for more information or Contact Us.

For more information, see Superheated Steam or One Atmosphere Electric Steam Boiler.

Steam Without the Wait

BoilerFree™ technology allows nearly instant steam production. Most MHI steam generators produce superheated in under a minute from a cold start. With a variety of outputs and configurations available, MHI likely has a solution for your steam application.

Steam Tunnels

Tunnel for Textile     Overall Machine with Steam Tunnel