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Compare a standard pressure boiler and OAB®

steam generator for the drop in temperature for the same piping distance.


OAB is better than a boiler




With any pressure boiler one is limited to the pressure/temperature rating and consequently to the steam temperature rating that is certified for the boiler.  For boilers the pressure and temperature are thermodynamically related.  This is called the Psat- Tsat relationship where the subscript 'sat' stands for saturated.  P and T are the symbols for Pressure and Temperature respectively.  The maximum temperature for a 2 bar boiler is 121C, for a 6 Bar is 159C and so on for water(H2O).  One bar is approximately equal to 14.5 psi. 


  The graphic shows a boiler.  Prior to entering the delivery pipe the temperature of the steam is the boiler temperature.  Therefore this is the maximum one can get at the end of the pipe without further heating of the pipe. The pure mechanical energy in a boiler steam is in the PV term when the boiler is exhausted to a lower pressure (the enthalphy term captures this).  As the temperature falls in the pipe transfer process, condensation will occur if the pressure is constant.  Of course as most boiler systems are not built as constant steady-flow systems the pressure is likely to fall also with increasing distance.



The graphic shows a OAB steam generator.  With the OAB however the starting temperatures are already high and the high mechanical energy is in the form of kinetic energy, no pressure related certification may be required and high exit velocities of steam appear without the need for a pressure vessel.

Prior to entering the delivery pipe,  the temperature is the high temperature exit steam temperature of the OAB.  A high velocity in the order of 10m/s or more depending on temperature is automatically available which propels the steam to distances.


Comparison:  Consequently,when comparing the steam-travel for the same length of pipe, same velocity at the inlet to the pipe and identical pipe insulation, the pipe exit will be at a higher exit temperature for the steam generator when compared to a boiler.  The length of pipe that supports steam without condensation will be much longer.  Problems associated with piping at high pressures with the related safety-concerns is overcome by the OAB's steam generation technology, in almost all pipe-flow situations.


Use a BPE to protect against back pressure.


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