Modern Steam Technology

Significant Energy and Water Savings.

One Atmosphere Boiler  OAB®

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Steam Generator Models

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High Temperature Steam Generator

Steam Output in kg/hr

Maximum Steam Temperature from MHI Steam Generators

Very High Temperature Steam

1 kg/hr. HGA Models:

Pure Steam

New* Call MHI for steam chambers for oxidation

and biofilm/bacterial efficacy testing


Steam Rate Flow Adjustment: Discrete and Continuous Mode is Available

MHI OAB Generator Pure Steam Generator

OAB Steam Generators (Rapid  Conversion)

4-12 kg/hr. OAB®Models

Models (4kg/hr, 12kg/hr) 

Single phase 208-240V.

Pure Steam.


Steam Rate Flow Adjustment: Discrete and Continuous Mode is Available

Space Saver

Space Saver


OAB Steam Generators (High Conversion)

36-108kg/hr. OAB® Models

Models (36kg/hr, 72kg/hr, 108 kg/hr or custom). 

Pure Steam.
Please specify the incoming three-phase line voltage

300°C, 500°C, 800°C and Custom

Steam Rate Flow Adjustment: Discrete and Continuous Mode is Available




HGA-M:  Versatile Air-Steam Mixture High Temperature Models

Adjust ratios and temperatures up to 900C.

High Specific Humidity Devices

Several New Models

Hybrid Steam Air

Choose Temperature, Pressure, Air Flow and Amount of Steam

MHI will quote a proper premix integrated system

HGA-M or Custom

Steam Rate Flow Adjustment: Discrete and Continuous Mode is Available

Hybrid Steam Air cN-BPE Required

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New Hi P Continuous Flow Steam Generator Mobile OAB system with high back pressure tolerance

High Temperature and High Pressure Special Units

Steam Generators with Instant Steam Feature

Steam Rate Flow Adjustment: Discrete and Continuous Mode is Available

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What is superheated steam? What is saturated steam?  When water molecules exist in a gaseous-state at a temperature above the boiling temperature of water, it is called the superheated steam-state. When at the boiling-temperature, the steam is called saturated steam.  The boiling temperature depends on the pressure (e.g. 100°C for 1 atmosphere, or 134°C for 3 atmosphere and so on).  What is the difference between saturated steam and super-heated steam?  Saturated steam is steam at the boiling point whereas super-heated steam is at a higher temperature.  The main difference between saturated and superheated steam is that for saturated steam is a two phase temperature a – so could contain water droplets whereas the higher-temperature superheated steam is a high enthalpy gas with considerably more work potential (capability). Work potential enables mechanical work and chemical reactions. Saturated steam is often classified as a low quality steam.  Applications range from Textile, Food, Antimicrobial, canning, drying, sterility and disinfection, chemical reactions, and more.  Industries where continuous steam is used: Hydraulic, Primary Metal Industries, Blast Furnace and Basic Steel Products, Fabricated Metal Products, Industrial Machinery and Equipment, Electronic and Other Electric Equipment, Transportation Equipment, Instruments and Related Products, Chemicals/Petrochemicals, Electronics, Oil and Gas, Ethanol, pre-treatment of biomass, Pyrolysis, Oil, herbs, Steam Reforming, Complex Methane Ammonia Producing Reactions, Hydrogen reforming, Biodiesel fuels, Finishing, Food, Packaging, Printing, Paper, Pulp, Converting, Forest Products, Pharmaceuticals, Waste to Fuel, Plastics, Rubber, Batteries, Electrode drying, Vinyl, Bio-solids, Sanitation, Disinfection, WGSR reactions, Low oxygen content H2O gas, so dry and could sometimes even be for sterilization, Soil re mediation, steam stripping of Volatile, industrial propane dehydrogenation processes, Pulp, hog/animal-fuel, clean or emulsify bark sludges, Reverse water gas-shift reactions and flavor reactions, Lumber and/or efficient Paper-drying, peat/jute drying, Gasification-reactor, Consider for vacuum production steam in ejector nozzles with steam or steam air mixes with over 50m/s steam exit velocity, Textile-drying, Drying. Swelling Starch, Starch Granules, Starch Gelatinization. Cleaning with MightySteam • Humidification for Dry and Humid Atmospheres in Ceramic, Paper Rolls and Comfort Processing, Work and Propulsion by Steam, Heating and Sterilization, Vacuum, Oven-use. Atomization of Fluids, Motorization and modification, biofuels, bio-orocesses, oil and gas industry, viscocity modifiers, packaging, cpg, milk, finishing safety, oitl, gasification and more.