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Airtorch™ Implementation Photos and Life Reports

(Note that the life depends on use - in this use the Airtorch model was running like a champ even after hundreds of hours)

Shown below are some actual use pictures which our customers shared with us in 2003

Pictures show the first generation DPF's made in 2003.  These are now made much more robust (current generation) with helpful feedback from our life-long customers.  MHI values your feedback.  Thank you.

Automotive sensor test bench with a first generation DPF220MP-10.5 Airtorch™.   Sensors that are being tested are not shown.  The entire unit is horizontally mounted and has been used continuously at 1050°C for years with compressed air or fan.  We thank the customer for sharing this valuable information with us.  See other testimonials.
Automotive sensor test bench below.  Sensor being tested is at bottom of picture.  Slits are for air exit (this user decided on a higher than required power and introduced the slits as a creative way for different sensor tests).  The Airtorch™ is shown on the top of the picture.  The entire unit is horizontally mounted and used continuously at 1050°C with compressed air or fan.   Picture taken after several hundred hours of use.  We thank our customer for openly sharing this valuable picture and use information with us.  See other testimonials.

More Applications

(Date of posting: September 10, 2003)

Note that the new generation Airtorch™ models have a more robust enclosure.  MHI practices continuous improvemen with your help.

A use picture for roof repair with a strong VTA model

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