Compact, Powerful Commercial Steam Boiler Models

Looking for a source of high-temperature steam without the traditional disadvantages associated with steam generation? MHI’s OAB® is a low-pressure commercial-quality steam boiler that doesn’t require the traditional inspections or certifications associated with steam boilers and pressure vessels. Standard production models produce steam up to 1300°C and capacities up to 250kg/hr.

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  • High-Quality Dry Steam – All of MHI’s steam boilers produce high-quality dry steam. This steam has a higher energy content than traditional lower temperature saturated steam.
  • No Boiler / Pressure Vessel Certifications – Are you interested in saving time and compliance issues? Review the boiler regulations for your state. MHI’s steam generators operate in one atmosphere, meaning no annual inspections or certifications.
  • Variety of Configuration Options – Steam temperatures from 100°C up to 1300°C, standard output capacities up to 200kg/hr.
  • Easily Locatable – Small device footprint and size allow our steam boilers to be placed near the point of demand, reducing piping losses and improving efficiencies.
  • Plug and Play Operations – Our industrial steam generators require power and water to begin operating. No complicated configuration or calculations are needed.

MHI’s commercial steam boilers generate steam at high temperatures while maintaining low moisture content. 21st-century BoilerFree™ technology makes our boilers safer, more efficient, and higher performance than traditional high-pressure steam boilers. In many cases, a lower-powered OAB steam boiler can replace a much larger traditional boiler due to improved efficiencies and productivity.

For more information, see Superheated Steam

Why use a boiler or autoclave when continuous steam is available for better productivity and low energy usage

OAM Modern Steam Generator

Foot print of steam generators.      Why wate pressurization energy and heavy duty materials?Use an OAB or energy efficient steam tunnel

Steam Without the Wait

BoilerFree™ technology allows nearly instant steam production. Most MHI steam generators produce superheated in under a minute from a cold start. With a variety of outputs and configurations available, MHI likely has a solution for your steam application.

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