MHI’s proprietary TQM

MHI’s proprietary TQM is aimed to provide the maximum value to its customers and all stakeholders. The program has multiple elements, including production line processes, safety, customer communications, and vendor management, emphasizing continuous evaluation and improvement. Communication with customers, order processing, manufacturing, shipping, follow-up, HR, and other processes are addressed to make our Mission Statement possible.

As a vertically integrated manufacturer, we are committed to Quality Manufacturing Processes to ensure the highest quality products. Please do not hesitate to offer improvement possibilities.

  • Manufacturing processes are clearly defined and controlled at every stage. All critical processes are validated to ensure consistency and compliance with specifications.
  • Manufacturing processes are controlled, and any changes to the process are evaluated. Production personnel are trained to carry out and document procedures.
  • Records made during production demonstrate that all the steps required by the defined procedures and instructions were taken and that the quantity and quality of the product were approved at all stages.
  • Records that enable the complete history of all jobs to be traced are retained in an understandable and accessible form.

Our business ethics are based on mutual trust, integrity, and continual improvement. Every member of the MHI team is responsible and accountable for ensuring that their objectives are aligned with our commitment to our mission.

MHI Quality Statement

Its Mission Statement drives MHI’s Total Quality Program (TQP).

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