MHI Inc. Mission Statement

We exist for your success.

Our Mission is to Conserve the Quality and Quantity of Clean Energy

What this means is:

Our Innovation Approach Integrates Modern Materials and Smart Designs to meet the grand global challenges for our Customers. We have introduced a new way for rapid global, deep decarbonization.  Together with our over a thousand customers, we have built a domestic US powerhouse company and team that is always challenging itself to be the world’s best in energy efficiency, high-temperature materials, and electrical thermal systems.  

What this means is that with our passion for social relevance and our deep technical experience,

  • We will invest in R&D to provide cutting-edge, high-quality, innovative products and services that are energy efficient and address sustainability with the use and production of high-quality clean energy with climate sensitivity.
  • We will be our customers’ best-integrated source of high-quality, thermal, and advanced material products. We will use the power of our technology & hardware to solve our customers’ most challenging problems—Beat Industry Energy Standards by 15 years. Airtorch®  OAB® MightySteam, Eion Plasma, and Thermal Panels.
  • We will integrate sustainability and clean-energy manufacturing with simplicity.
  • We will be the new product(s) leader in our industry.
  • We will serve our customers with personalized care. We will work together in a team spirit to foster discipline, innovation, creativity, and flexibility in response to our customer’s needs. Please call us to experience.
  • Customer Processes and Quality Management. We will contribute to and affirm high commitment, skill, communication, transparency, and effectiveness in our work. We will embrace all aspects of continuous improvement. We will radically invent and innovate when required.

Status: On our way- we continue to build a responsible, successful, and profitable company for our community with energy efficiency, water savings, and sustainability principles. The best way is to use far less energy for the same or better outcome.

Last Reviewed Date: January 8, 2024.


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A global leader in intelligent power devices who can assist global customers as best as possible, with a strong focus on CO2 and methane reduction, water conservation, and overall improvement in energy efficiency with novel nanomaterials, thermal designs, and best sustainability practices.

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Customer Processes and Quality Management


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Five Pillars

MHI has a policy of four pillars (listed below) for interacting with Customers, Community Members, and Stakeholders on MHI defines success with customers by addressing all areas (Results, Processes, Education, Energy Efficiency, Climate Concerns, and Relationships).

  • Results refer to the accomplishment of the task or achievement of the goal for the customer.
  • Process means how the work gets done for every customer, how it is designed and managed, and how it is measured and evaluated, especially for quality (
  • Relationships refer to the quality of the MHI customer’s experience – relating to MHI sales, service, and product teams, including after-sales service.
  • Community refers to a commitment to employees, vendors, and all stakeholders.
  • Energy Efficiency, Climate Concerns: (The commitment is shown on the following pages on the MHI website)