August 2019

MHI’s Focus:  Massive energy-efficiency improvements, zero-carbon, novel Quasi-R nano-materials and simplicity for productivity enhancements in the thermal sector.  Ahead by almost fifteen years.

What are Smart-Thermal products?

Click here for examples for saving energy, enhancing productivity, products that offer engineered simplicity, MQL, zero-carbon foot print, chemical-free anti-pest high-Q steam, environmental sustainability ..more.

The manufacturing landscape is in a flux.  There are new demands for improved energy efficiency with a rigorous environmental focus – key requirements from every product and process.  These new trends have impacted manufacturing operations with radically enhanced materials and systems – in order to accommodate the changing global sustainability requirements and new customer preferences.

The key issues relate to the upgrades and changes that are required in technologies, devices and skills.  The labor skills are not always able to catch up with the entrepreneurial demands placed on every level of employee in the work-force.  Radical solutions are being sought.  The materials world has had to rise to this new challenge with safe high performance materials with novel digitally driven technology principles.

The demands of production processes that maintain innovative conditions to create wealth for future developments are pushing the envelope of human ingenuity.   The aging of manufacturing workers, the enhanced safety concerns from even small amounts of combustion pollutants, coupled with the advent of automation are impacting this challenge.

This has has presented manufacturers like MHI Inc., with opportunities and challenges in both internal human resource management as well as  proper allocation of capital expenses in order to provide for meaningful savings for customers Our Mission reflects this effort.   Like other OEM’s, MHI Inc.,  finds that it must  create technologies and intelligent SmartMachines to meet new-customer needs for an effective use of their assets

So at MHI Inc. we have made design and product-application/use as simple as possible, with a much deeper engineering focus that what is commonly used for product design.

We use our decades of experience in mating advanced materials with tested sub-designs for a comprehensive systems approach.   Take for example the situation with furnaces.  Higher temperatures offer better efficiency and productivity.  Even  simple furnace operations now require higher temperatures for toxicity reduction issues. Higher temperatures are possible now with newer delivery systems and energy efficient materials.  (Example of problempossible high temperature MHI solution).

MHI also provides a considerable amount of tutorials for the thermal products sector.

MHI Inc. now offers a new dimension of manufacturing with tested ideas for energy savings for the same objective but with new designs.  We call it Simplicity.   Cross platform application of our best practices.

One of our slogans is bring your designs to life with beautiful colors and creative shapes.  We have enabled designs and improved device-use to become as simple as possible.  With The OAB®-Steam, Airtorch® products, Efficient Heating Elements like the GAXP®  and the Cascade e-Ion®,  MHI is continuously striving to improve productivity with simplicity in the following sectors:

Best Biomedical Technology Tool Bit Manufacture Shrink Label Technology
Making Abrasive Wheels Bending and Shaping Glass Technology Clean Microbes with steam when used properly
Save Aluminum Dross Stick Resistant Using steam or hot air for vats

Why and how are MHI devices built with high energy efficieny The use of high-grade energy almost automatically leads to many types of improved efficiencies including the use of much lower energy for an objective and much lower time of processing i.e. to a higher productivity. MHI excels in high-grade energy conversion in the hot-products sector. High temperature-energy is high-grade energy. Now Quasi-R™ MHI technology further extends the dramatic energy savings in to the EJoule range.

Efficiency to preserve the quality of energy is important.  MHI is working hard to reduce the amount of energy for any objective.  This is the only way to really reduce emissions.

Simplicity is fully extended to the Industrial sectors.

Some examples of  new technologies and SmartMachines are discussed below for Heating, Fiber-Forming, Furnaces and many more…..

Even the very high power models are simply installed and used for Process gas heaters.  We service a host of Fortune companies.

300+KW MHI Power and Temperature Control Panels
256 KW Airtorch™ with only ~1 psig pressure drop at 1300C.
Highly Efficient and Small Foot-print Airtorch and High Quality Steam Products
Choice of Steam Generators Choice of Pressure.
Smooth Management of Very High-power.

The Economics of Thermal Devices

How much detail should I use to specify my device?

The best price is obtained when you purchase the closest standard equipment for your desired use.

So it is best just to specify the essentials.

For Steam: Choose the power, temperature and kg/hr water usage.  Examples on how to increase productivity?

For Process Air Devices:  Chose power, and temperature.  If in-line use, specify the pressure. What are MHI SmartDevices?

For Furnaces:  Choose the Temperature and power (based on the load).  Choose furnace makers that provide at least a one year warranty on the heating elements. How distortion free stainless steel enclosures improve life and efficiency?

For Heating Elements:  Please review economics on this page.  What is GAXP?

Items to Include

These items are now basic in a new device specification.  They are best practices and should be part of your project when specifying a device.

  • Warranty – Ask for Warranty on the heating Element for a Steam Generator, Hot Plate, Airtorch or Furnace
  • Ask for Testimonials – Or look for them on the manufacturers web site.
  • Does the manufacturer provide several levels of tutorials – Online forms.
  • Online RFQ’s – Does the manufacturer provide this.
  • Prices:  Although not always comprehensive there should be an online web store with price guidance.
  • Does the manufacturer talk up energy efficiency and sustainability?  Its a good practice to ask the sales agent.
  • Does the manufacturer believe in Simplicity of design?.

What makes a device cost more?

Here is a list of items that could drive up the price.

  • Short Time-Frame – The faster you need it; the more people will need to work on your order to make the deadline.   More people equals more money.
  • Customization– Customization could be great but highly costly.   Please be aware that the more items built from scratch, the more the cost.
  • Spreading out payments:  Paperwork from your end could take time – sometimes even compared to the build out.  Manufacturers routinely depend on being paid on time.  The best prices are given when prepayment is made.
  • Integration to 3rd Party Tools:  Choose a manufacturer that provides their own data acquisition system.  Third part tools can cost money and time.

Will I get my money back.  What is my ROI?

When choosing a product ask for typical Return On Investment Calculations if you will use it to generate revenue.


  • Check for Testimonials and Reviews.  A good manufacturer will always post these
  • Is the repair policy sound,  affordable and useful.  Machines will break down – maintenance is typically 10% of the initial purchase.  Buyer should check if it is comprehensive it like the NeverDown(TM) policies.  It does not hurt if the company that you are dealing-with is at least two decades in existence.
  • Did the manufacturer or seller provide the quote in a timely manner. If not, it could be a symptom of  downstream delays.  There are exceptions but buyer beware.

Summary: There is obviously no one answer to how to choose your best thermal device.  The above are some guidelines that refer to good practices.

Process Air/Gas Heaters

GTA & MVTA up to 1200°C Convective Energy
Airtorch™ Gas Heaters Accurate, Low Pressure Drop, Easy Installation, Incredible Warranty. Superior Warranty.


Robust Radiator™ RR, GRR and Scalable Modules Range of Power/Temperature Capability
NoAge™ Enhanced Silicon Carbide Class Leading Longevity

The smallest Microheaters made by MHI are the four below.

  1. The spiral
  2. The linear microheater
  4. Microtube.

The GiantHeater Revolution with GAXP Giant Heaters reach meters in length

Steam- the new steam revolution.

HGA-M Models High Throughput On-demand

Energy Savings: Why Should We Be Concerned With the Quality of Energy Conservation?

Basic Thermodynamics.

All about steam action.

If one burns fossil fuel, the best efficiency is ~50-85% for achieving a work objective. With electric energy, efficiency for an objective can be closer to 100% during conversion.  Sunlight to direct electrical work is ~35-44%.

For a quick review of thermodynamics, look up and learn about the many temperature scales!

 Pounds (lb) Weight of Carbon Dioxide per One Million BTU (293 KWhr) of Burn

(The approximate price of this much amount of energy used is US$30). 

Chances are that a US home monthly electric bill is in this order.

Note that the average human exhales about 2-3 pounds of carbon dioxide (human activity averages at about 100 Watts or 0.36 BTU/hr) on an average day (about 15- 20 lbs. a week).

Diesel fuel /heating oil






Natural gas


E-Ion,  Plasma, HGA or OAB® steam at device  0.0