What is Cascade e-Ion Plasma

Richard Feynman* implied that real discovery was somewhat like finding a new type of flame

Is MHI’s Stable Cascade E-ion a new type of flame – made from just air/electric?

About the Cascade e-Ion Technology

The Cascade e-Ion technology is a Stable Thermal Cascade Plasma Generator.   Also called the CleanElectricFlame®.  The break through process produces a high watt density atmospheric pressure-level plasma plume, capable of rapidly cleaning, deburring, depositing, growing, hardening, joining, reacting of gaseous to metallic materials and many more applications like rapid brazing, rapid heat treatment, and ultra-low cost of total energy degradation.

Customer Testimonial.  “I had a look at your table comparing the cost and various features of  (standard RF) plasma nitriding and MHI (Cascade) e-ion plasma nitriding machines and the advantages of the later are remarkable. This type of comparison ……… an alluring proposition for any stakeholder to purchase such an equipment”.

Cascade e-Ion Plasma technology uses electricity and just air (or any other gas) to produce a CleanElectricFlame® plume that contains ions, electrons, radiation and hot gas. It is a versatile tool for several possible applications. To the best of our knowledge this is the only plasma generator that offers close to 100% power transfer – thus making it a unique high-efficiency directed energy source.  Applications could include the formation of a single layer of atoms (or stacks), with far-reaching potential. Known as two-dimensional materials, this class has grown within the past few years to include lattice-like layers of carbon (graphene), boron (borophene), hexagonal boron nitride (white graphene), silicon (silicene), phosphorous (phosphorene) and 2d oxycarbonitrides or special carbon nitrogen compounds. Cascade e-Ion applications page.

On account of the number of ions that are quickly supplied to a part the Cascade e-Ion plasma finds uses in machine-tool development of new and reconditioning machine tools, non-stick surfaces, clean glass bending, covers for liquid metals, plastics (polymerization and functionalization), metals (heat treatment of semiconductors, metal finishing, nano-deposition and brazing and related operations). The machines also find use in ceramics (ceramic surface modification, nano-treatment and other modern materials from new process type use).   Please click through to our Cascade e-Ion applications page for typical solutions. Shown below are the first ionization energy of gases as a function of the atomic number.  When used for surface treating, XPS and other electronic probes display the fine (nano or surface quantum dot) structure, depth of ionic penetration and many undiscovered new phase formations which may be used advantageously for applications.

Pictures of wide area plasma
Videos of wide area plasma

Enthalpy vs state of matter                                                    Cascade eIon Possibilities Plasma Models