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MHI has hundreds of satisfied customers from all over the world. Below are the actual testimonies of our customers. Please feel free to add your testimony to our list. We can be reached at [email protected] or call 513 772-0404


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Nate M, Utah
"We added the 15kw Airtorch to our existing Gas Tunnel Kiln to improve uniformity and overall drying time. It was cheaper than buying a new kiln"

Paul F, Pennsylvania
"We've used the Airtorch™ as a pre-heater for our application. It works well, we bought two..."

Ron J, Ohio
"Finally, a product for die heating that really meets our needs!"

Tim D, Ohio
"Airtorch™ is a great concept, it works well for my unique applications..."

Ken F, Tennessee
"This hot air device offers great versatility, its the device I've been waiting for..."

Jim V, Michigan
"This device will save us money."

Heating Elements

Kevin R, Ohio
"We put your elements in all our furnaces..."

Drew R, Colorado
"6/10 works great, you are my preferred supplier."

Edward L,Tennessee
"The square 6/10 elements are still lasting. I always recommend them."

Mark, Ohio
"Your elements have out lasted the competition in our furnace!"

Alan F, Canada
"Your specialty elements are the best we've used."

Arletta M, North Carolina
"Your elements are superior compared to our previous supplier."

Drew R, Colorado
"You guys are great! Your elements last a long time."

Jack K, California
"Your elements last usually 8-10 months."


Ben C, Ohio
"I just love this furnace, I hope to buy another one soon."

Mark F, Massachusetts
"The furnace has high uniformity and is running like a champ...best we have."

Gabrielle C, Michigan
"These furnaces are reliable. No problems ever."

Rod R, Ohio
"MHI furnaces and elements outlast any other and I've used them all."

Robust Radiator™

Dave J, Washington
"I am very pleased with its performance. We feel it can be useful for a lot of our projects"

After Sale Service

TH, (International)
"I am very pleased with all of your after service action."
George C, (International)
"Thank you very much for your great service. It is believed that the great attitude of your company towards the event will enhance the relationship between your company and ours. I appreciate your help again. Have a good day."
George C, (International)
"--I highly appreciate your service."
H. Lin, Missouri
"Many thanks for your excellent service."


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