DACS – Data Acquisition Control Software v8.0+ for MHI Furnaces, Airtorch™ and other devices

“I need my PC to control my process, acquire the data, store and graphically present my results.  I want do my projects faster and more efficiently.”

DACS and MHI HMI Dacs features with HIPAN, TRIPAN and XPAN.  Direct control from panel on some models, enabling many platforms for data acquistion and control. Please contact MHI for DACS

Do your projects faster.  The MHI Data Acquisition and Control Software offers unparalleled control and data management many MHI devices, including FurnacesRobust RadiatorsThermoplatesAirtorch™ and Microheaters. It is powerful enough to remotely turn ON/OFF your MHI furnaces, download data, create cycle programs, provide graphical analysis and monitor and manage up to 12 MHI heating devices. DACS software is simple to use and easily connects to your COM/serial port with no need for additional hardware. DACS offers the advanced built in data acquisition system combined with PID control.  DACS depending on required control features.  Equiped with  temperature recorder. Will record files that may be coded to record part -number, lot number and date during the process (requires user interaction to determine the numbers).    Electronic Recorder unit read only data  can be set to  network  drive. The recording system ssupports  protection, retention and  retrieval of accurate records throughout the record retention period. Reliable world  standard hardware. Multi levels of password protections are allowed.

MHI DACS module
MHI DACS1 module shown with the RS232 converter module

3 phase 380V 400V 440V 480V 600V

RFQ and Price

The compact ¼ DIN controller offers four universal inputs for data recording and two PID control loops with a full color 320×240 pixel graphical 3.5” TFT display for a crystal clear operator interface.

Configurable real time views including horizontal and vertical trends, Horizontal and vertical bar graphs, Alarm status and control loops.

Up to 30 additional virtual channels can be utilized to provide different functionalities within the instrument.

Optional Dual programmer supporting up to 100 programs with 25 segments each.

Ethernet communications with Modbus TCP or FTP protocols for communications with third party software.  Like Labview and other software.

Built in 50MB of non-volatile flash memory for data storage. Automatic data archiving to a removable USB memory stick or FTP to a secure data location through the built in Ethernet port.

USB Connections.  Use with Dongle to make Wireless.

Data Acquisition Control Software v7.0

  • Fully programmable – Mult- program and multi-step programming
  • Interface and program your MHI control panel from your PC
  • Multi-tab option
  • Multi-furnace/zone control
  • Automatic data logging into Excel files
  • Remote ON/OFF
  • Temperature controls
  • Graphical data display

System Requirements:

  • At least Windows 2000, XP or Vista or higher
  • COM port 9600 baud rate or more
  • At least Pentium 3 processor or equivalent
  • Mouse or other peripheral device

Data Acquisition Control Software v7.0

Items included with MHI-DACS:

  • MHI-DACS module (choice of module for 1 to 12 zones/furnaces)
  • Installation CD for MHIComm ver 7.2 software
  • DB9 cable
  • DIN cable
  • RS232 converter module
  • Communication card for the Eurotherm Process controller
  • Installation and operation manual
Furnace Monitoring
Data Acquisition Control Software v7.0
  • Single or multiple furnaces/zones (up to 12) may be controlled and monitored as shown.
Display Data Tab
Data Acquisition Control Software v7.0
  • “I need my PC to monitor my process, save data and graphically present my results with MHI-DACS. I just upload the profile or parameters and record the temperature and output. Download the data in the morning from the saved file.”
  • “The start time, stop time and sample rate allow me to record data as and when I like.”
Mutlti–step Programming
Data Acquisition Control Software v7.0
  • Program new cycles and download remotely.
  • Upload programs and remotely execute cycles.
  • Choose from over 70 heat treating processing profiles for ceramic, metals and many others.
  • Download programs from controller to PC.
  • Save profiles to file on PC for later use without the need for a multi-program controller.
  • Multi-furnace programming is possible up to 12 controllers.
Remote Furnace Control
Data Acquisition Control Software v7.0
  • Monitors and records set point, process and output values from the Eurotherm process controller.
  • Monitors temperature settings.
  • Displays values from 12 different controller addresses.
  • View data in an Excel table with date, time, sample time, process, set point and output values.
  • Review saved data files in a graphical form.
  • Remote furnace ON/OFF will turn furnace ON/OFF from your PC.

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