Hybrid Ovens & Furnaces

MHI Hybrid furnaces receive outstanding reviews from users.

Several of our hybrid furnace users have their original heating elements after 3 years of use!

MHI Hybrid Thermal Processing Solutions

Hybrid Steam Ovens and Furnaces
Airtorch™ Hybrid Furnaces

With SuperGlide GOLDENBLUE® long life belt lining

MHI has successfully combined three effective heat treating technologies to create furnaces, chambers and Tunnels that offer a high degree of temperature uniformity and energy efficiency. This unique thermal processing solution combines conventional radiative style heating with a patented OAB™® with GAXP® forced steam and Airtorch technology. The result is furnaces that offer high temperature productivity with the added benefit of hot air/gas circulation inside the chamber to ensure excellent temperature distribution and uniformity. Other design features contribute to lower maintenance costs, higher safety and reduced liability issues. Being electric, the furnaces emit low noise levels and are pollution free.

Steam Tunnel

Example of Hybrid Furnaces (H-BLE)

Hybrid Tunnel

Continuous Hybrid Furnaces

Continuous Furnaces

Multi Hybrid

Purge gas inlet option/Chimney exhaust port option

Continuous or Batch
Smooth electronic hearth lifts or belts.
Reliable production units.  Use DPF to Cascade e-ion hybridization.
Most systems are very small foot-print which reduces the weight and size.
Designed for modern production practices.
Used for CPG, Shrink Wrap, Tool-bit Manufacture, Non Stick Rapid production, Firing ceramics, NPT and Dielectric materials, Ferroelectric materials and for Glass Bending and Shaping.
Call for information on customizing production furnaces for process manufacturing and glass melting.


Hybrid Batch Furnaces


Steam Hybrid

  Hybrid Flat THF -1400 GAXP


MHI 3 Phase High Flow Airtorch Systems HGA M Hybrid
Model Number Temperature Interior Dimensions
Hybrid-SW OAB-12-300-4  Super Fast Tunnel for Shrinkwrap Contact MHI
Hybrid M14-GAXP Up to 1400°C


M Series (12″H x 12″W x 16″D Chamber)

Box Furnace

Hybrid Flat THF -1400 GAXP Up to 1400°C


12 Cubic Foot Furnace
Hybrid H18-40BLE  Up to 1760°C
(1800°C/3272°F Max)
8″H x 9″W x 9″D
Hybrid H18-40BLE 12 x 12   Up to 1760°C
(1800°C/3272°F Max)
12″H x 12″W x 12″D
Hybrid H18-40BLE 15 x 15  Up to 1760°C
(1800°C/3272°F Max)
15″H x 15″W x 15″D
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