MHI SIMGAS4 Gas Mixing System

SIMGAS-4 Module 1 PLC

GAS Mixing Unit
SIMGAS4 Modules 1 and 2

Combustible gas Ignitor
HGI Safety Module 3

SIMGAS4 Features

MHI SIMGAS is a versatile integrated process gas/atmosphere management system for processes requiring more than one gas. The system provides complete stand-alone process gas management on a single platform while integrating itself in the form of interlocks with its peripheral instruments and control systems.

SIMGAS:  The system consists of three modules: Module 1: SIMGAS MODULE1 (PLC) Module 2: SIMGAS MODULE2 (GAS FLOW) Module 3: MODULE3- (HGI)—flammable gas flare-out system.

FLOWGAS is a new low-price system for a 4-gas module, including flamable gas. Use for premixing and flow control.

1-DataLog is a handheld data logger.  Vac-Gas is a vacuum attachment system.  O2 sensors and hand held read out are quoted.

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General Information on SIMGAS (typical configurations shown – please contact MHI for specific information pertaining to an application)

  • Gas mixing system
  • Low gas or combustible-gas alarm (specific)
  • PLC based controls
  • High accuracy valve type flow meters
  • Precision control and repeatability
  • Typical configuration includes support for 3 nonflammable gasses
  • 1 flammable gas (e.g. for mixing H2/N2)
  • Automatic purge cycles
  • Easy set-up and operation
  • User selectable process gasses (between 1 and 4)
  • User configurable purge time
  • Self diagnostics feature
  • Multi-level audio and visual alarms triggered by flow conditions.
  • Fully controlled by programmable logic controller
  • Electrical interlock back-up for added reliability
  • Minimal operator interface
  • Optional: low pressure critical gas shut-off
  • Easy installation. Full manual and Installation diagram provided.
Module 1- (PLC)
SIMGAS Module 1 provides clear and easy analog controls for gas mixing. Equipped with an automatic shut off with audible alarm for safety- some model offer safety lights.
Module 2 – (GAS FLOW).
SIMGAS Module 2 provides complete gas flow controls with 3 manual adjusting flow meters. The fourth flow meter controls compressed air for process cooling or purging. Unit layouts vary.
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For higher flow rates, see GPAN.