Cascade e-Ion Zapper™ (EIZ) Furnace

About the Cascade e-Ion Zapper™

In addition to the basic Models (View PowerPoint Presentation)the EIZ includes thermal extenders like RR’s and Thermoplates.  Special pricing is provided with these time tested MHI thermal products.

The Cascade e-Ion Zapper™ (EIZ) Furnace uses a scalable CleanElectricFlame™ technology platform to provide non-contact, continuous heating with accurate temperature control in a compact, versatile design. The Cascade e-Ion Zapper™ Furnace Category allows for processes to complete while cable or wire are moving through the furnace both normal and in line with plasma.

The Cascade e-Ion Zapper™ Furnaces are capable of delivering the rapid heat rate needed for RTP, melting, brazing and heat treating. The Cascade e-Ion Zapper™ is ideal for applications requiring hardening with extremely small HAZ, because it allows for a lower residence time than with traditional heating methods such as induction. The Cascade e-Ion Zapper™ allows for rapid processing in air as well as a number of other gases.

Processes can be completed while wire or cable is moving through the e-Ion Plasma™ environment. This type of heating provides the rapid high temperatures necessary to melt and heat treat. e-Ion devices feature higher heat up rates compared to competitors. The Cascade e-Ion Zapper™ Furnace allows for easy manipulation of parts, all within 15kW of power. Compare the Cascade e-Ion Zapper™ Furnace to existing technologies and you’ll quickly see how a Cascade e-Ion Zapper™ Furnace can reduce costs and improve efficiency.

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Cascade e-Ion Zapper™ (EIZ) Furnace Specifications

e-Ion Zapper™ Furnace
Up to 200°K/s Heat-up Rate Possibilities.  EIZ extenders can enhance even this heating rate.
9-17kW Power Consumption (Depending on Configuration)
Highly Modular
Compact Table Top Sized
Highly Accurate Controls
No Water Cooling Required
Ability to Treat Ungrounded Metals
Stainless Steel Construction, Integrated Fan
No Toxic Emissions or Combustion Residues
220/230/240 Input Voltages
Single Phase or 3 Phase
Near Silent Operation
Plume Properties
Recombination Temperature ~2500°K
Convective Plasma (variable gas temperature is up to 1600°K)
Heat Transfer Coefficient ~225W/m^2.K.(Compare to 10W/m^2.K)
Example of Plasma Formation – N2+E ->N2++ e or
2N+E -> 2N+ +2e
Example of Plasma Recombination – 2N+ + 2e -> 2N + E or
2N -> N2 + EPossible species include O2, N2, O2+ , N2+ , N, O, N+, O+, e−in e-Ion Plasma of air

Possible species include N2, , N2+ , N+, e−  in the e-Ion Plasma of nitrogen.

Almost all commonly employed elemental or molecular gasses/species can be ionized including Ar, Xe, H2O and others.


Cascade e-Ion Zapper™ Photos

e-Ion Zapper™ Furnace
Cascade e-Ion Zapper™ Furnace with RR extension

e-Ion Zapper™ Furnace
Cascade e-Ion Zapper™ Furnace with a RR extension


The e-Ion Zapper™ Furnace is designed for quick heat-up applications at very high temperatures, from simple heat treatment to complicated profiles of electronics and materials processing. The e-Ion Zapper™ Furnace offers high temperature uniformity and an unmatched rapid heat-up rate of 200°C/second.  (Heating rate obtained from time to melt tests.)

The cascade e-Ion Zapper™ Furnace features an extremely uniform temperature zone or as apropriate for the custom modification..
Eurotherm process controller capable of up to 20 programs with 16 segments per program.
RS 232/485 Communications option available to connect to PC.  New Dacs 2 with USB.
Power controller featuring double back-to-back phase angle fired SCRs, with current limit, adjustable soft start, and quick response to control signal.
Equipped with over-temperature control through an independent thermocouple to monitor overheating.
Up to eight thermocouples for monitoring temperature at different locations.

The XPAN™ control panel rests inside a NEMA enclosure that meets NEC and NFPA requirements for safety and reliability.

*SDPM position (custom orders only) controller handles up to 10 programs with an unlimited number of steps, time delays, and repetitions. Programmer has a non-volatile memory of 32 KB for over 100,000 hours.  Computer interface control system has complete DDE dynamic data exchange by SCADA/Windows software which provides nine simultaneous communication ports.

Vacuum and atmosphere attachments available.  The Plasma creates its own clean environment in air.

Cascade e-Ion Plasma™ Applications

Zapper™ Systems provide non-contact, continuous heating with accurate temperature control in compact versatile use designs. For knife-edge, wire and cable applications, the e-Ion Zapper™ system can provide normalizing, stress relieving, annealing, hardening, curing, surface melting and coating. Processes may be completed while wire or cable is moving through the e-Ion Plasma™ environment. This type heating provides the rapid high temperature heating necessary for melting and heat treating.

e-Ion Zapper Applications

Our unique e-Ion Plasma™ features novel technology that allows it to replace existing processes while simultaneously improving efficiency and productivity. Immerse in CleanElectricFlame™ for non line-of-sight processing or BendHeat™ requirements.

Cascade e-Ion Zapper™ Furnace Models

Cascade e-Ion Zapper™ Furnace
EIZ for deposition and extremely rapid heating with RR 208/220/230/240 10-20
EIZ-C – Custom Brazing, Hardening and Heat-treating Applications 208/220/230/240 9-30 kW

Cascade e-Ion systems allow for continuous sintering (3Dsintering™) or hardfacing without the use of hydrogen. All ionic gasses are of a reducing kind.

Plasma polymerization of many unique polymers and blends and their surface deposits remain unexplored with this new method.