Compact Slider Furnace – Glove Box Furnace


The new Compact Slider Furnace (CSF) is so compact, it fits in small glove boxes. So efficient, it consumes hardly any energy.
Compact Slider Furnace - Glove Box FurnaceBPAN-O Controller - front
CSF Style Slider Furnace and Control Panel BPAN-O-PLUS (front)
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Ideal for any laboratory. Easy to assemble and disassemble.

Compatible with MHI Data Acquisition and Control DACS

The first three pictures below show first the cavity closed and then progressively slid open. A high thermal shock resistance hearth plate is the floor on which the charge is placed. The heating elements are on the wall (not visible in pictures below). The compact slider is a nice compact design which typically can accommodate odd size samples (no door) yet remain small enough to fit in a glove box. Typical internal dimensions are 6″ x 3″ x 6″.  Special custom-openings on the top and bottom of the furnace allow for the CSF slider furnace use for tensile testing purposes. 

For larger size tensile testing furnaces,  please click to split furnace.

Compact Slider Furnace - Glove Box Furnace
Compact Slider Furnace - Glove Box Furnace
Compact Slider Furnace - Glove Box Furnace

Feed-through or tensile-testing openings may be custom-ordered.

For large tensile tester use please consider the split furnace.

Other custom modifications include ports and devices for 1 kg or 2kg/hr steam introduction or for hot process gas.

Compact slider furnace