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Electronic Controllers and Control Panels

BPAN-O and BPAN-O-PLUS Control Panels

Over-temperature read-out and related control provided with PLUS models only.  UL Rated displays.

BPAN-O-PLUS (front)

BPAN-O Controller - back

BPAN-O-PLUS backface pictures with COMM options)

  • BPAN-O models have a UL microprocessor (PID)programmable controller
  • Best soft start and current limit included
  • Over-temperature controller available in BPAN-O-PLUS
  • Durable enclosure for Models (weight is approx. 14 kg for models)
  • Digital communications RS232/485 120V and 220V/ models
  • Fan or power controller in some models
  • SCR power controller with current limiter (extended soft start) please call for details
  • Provides control up to 3kW and 6kW. Sold separately or with small furnaces and Thermoplate™ or Airtorch
  • Plug-and-play Data Acquisition System (optional) - MHI DACS
  • Remote on/off (optional)

Control Panel Features (PDF)

BPAN-O-120T, BPAN-O-120NT and BPAN-O-240

The corresponding PLUS models will have over-temperature controls.

BPAN Dimension:  8 1/2” (H) x 12 ¼”(D) x 19 7/8”(W) (Includes Conduit Connector Extender in the depth dimension) Please note that the dimensions will differ for specific panel ratings for cUL and others

(Over-temperature controller included in all BPAN-O-PLUS models))

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HIPAN  & XPAN Control Panels

HIPAN-2010 control panel
HIPAN control panel

XPAN control panel
XPAN control panel (front)

Process or programmable temperature controller

Over-temperature controller


SCR power controller with current limiter (extended soft start)

Durable enclosure

Thermocouple optional with every box (specify type & length)

Optional digital communications

HIPAN : 208V/220V/240V up to 55 amps
XPAN : 208V/220V/240V up to 75 amps

Plug-and-play Data Acquisition System - MHI DACS (optional)


 HIPAN - 18" H x 18" D x 10" W
 XPAN - 19" H x 29" D x 11" W
 HIPAN - 22 Kg (approx)
 XPAN - 34 Kg (approx)

HIPAN control panel back
HIPAN control panel back. Typically customized.


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A complete range of SCR SINGLE and THREE PHASE power controllers are available from MHI.   SCR's for MHI Panels only.

When requesting a quote please confirm Model Number and Serial Number of Panel.

Advanced hybrid design incorporating logic & analog circuits

Compact, bulkhead mounting for easy installation

Isolated heat sink, shrouded electronics meeting CE norms for added safety

Phase angle control

Field adjustable current limit

Field adjustable soft start

Semi-conductor fuse, MOV, Snubber circuit protections

User configurable inputs

Standard models and customization ( factory configured for your application )

Hundreds of installations

Comprehensive operating, installation and trouble shooting manual

Unbeatable price and delivery

One year warranty


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Multi Zone - 3 Phase and more. Control panels (TRIPAN MODELS)

Multi Zone 3 Phase Controllers




Multiple Zone Control Process or Programmable Temperature Controller.   
ITRIPAN, TRIPAN & RPAN3 - 3 Phase Control Panels

Over-temperature Controller

3 Phase Voltage & Current read out on all phases with selector switch

Durable enclosures

Continuous duty cycle

3 phase 208/240/480/600 KVA please specify

For custom control panels Contact MHI for additional details.

MHI-DACS - Data Acquisition Control Software (optional)

Three Phase Controller  
Multi-zone process controllers are custom made for complex/continuous heating solutions. Calculate 3 Phase Power.

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VPAN Control System (until stocks last)

Open loop VPAN control system
Open loop VPAN control system

Open loop variac controller

Extremely versatile

Low cost

Up to 100 Amps

Single phase / 120V

FANCS unit available for temperature readout

~ 30 kg


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Controls for Laboratory Furnaces, Airtorch™, Coils and Thermoplates

Contact MHI for DC Control Panels

Size and weight optimized for the greatest flexibility. Can be remotely located. Easy to connect. Easy to use.
Airtorch™ controllers offer infinite analog, FANCS or programmable temperature capabilities.


Note:  All pictures shown are only typical basic configurations and not necessarily representative of a your controller.

Always contact us for your particular configuration.

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